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28 April 2017
From Black Gold to Black Crack: U.S. addiction to petroleum -- one man's response
by Jan Lundberg   
ImageHumanity has had a century of unprecedented mass insanity that has culminated in overstepping our ecological bounds. The time has come to look reality in the face. Although the scientific consensus is overwhelming, behavior dominates along the lines of discredited denial.

Of two root causes of our dilemma, the first is well known, as popularized by George W. Bush: "America is addicted to oil." The other is that the dominant culture of materialism has relied upon violent expansion for thousands of years.

The 2012/Aliens/Consciousness Movement: a potential New-Age Tea Party?
by Jan Lundberg   
Image I'm gaga for Gaia, which I don't expect many modern consumers to relate to. So it's harder for me to point a finger at anyone believing in scientifically unproven ideas. But I draw a line between spiritual experiences and claims such as "aliens are among us and are here to raise humanity's consciousness because it's 2012."

Such were my biases when I covered the New Living Expo in San Francisco, Calif., April 27-29 this year at the massive Concourse Exhibition Center.

In search of the new normal -- radio series The Conversation; Jan Lundberg, episode 6, May 18, 2012
by Jan Lundberg   
ImagePlay the show at

Reporter and commentator Aengus Anderson is motorcycling around the U.S. this summer with microphones and a recording machine. He contacted Jan Lundberg for an interview in April and said, "I will be traveling America in search of ideas that are out of the mainstream today but may inform the common sense of tomorrow."

The Big Fix: documentary exposes BP, U.S. Gov't on Gulf disaster/Interview: the Tickells, filmmakers
by Jan Lundberg, oil industry analyst and eco-activist   
Courtesy BP
One of the world's biggest environmental crimes has been more or less forgotten. This is part of our collective guilt as the world's ecosystem continues its accelerated collapse. But the new documentary film The Big Fix takes a detailed, daring look at what happened in the Gulf of Mexico with BP's Macondo offshore oil drilling rig. The story and facts that emerge are more than disturbing.

The movie is soon getting its major national release in theaters and on Netflix.

Humanity's chances dimmed when many progressives love slave-jobs and cheap gasoline
by Jan Lundberg   
Ecotopia Summer
With toxic consumerist habits and our propensity to overwork and condone society's violence, we qualify as the most inferior of species. At 7 billion, our huge numbers appear as some great success. But as we suffer from overpopulation and its many symptoms, we are not superior or very intelligent after all. Our kind of smarts is ultimately counterproductive and lethal -- to ourselves and fellow species. True, no species can even approach humans' ingenuity. But we can't do what most other species do (and they do it peacefully).
Population Is Popping: Why We Cover Our Ears and Eyes
by Jan Lundberg   
As the scientific consensus jells to advise us that economic growth on a finite planet is unsustainable, and anyone can see that maximizing consumption is increasingly disastrous, we must ask ourselves what we do next. The first thing would be to focus humanity on what biology-savvy people see as the basic problem: more and more people being born who consume much more than their ancestors did.

This concern is not in the corporate press or tossed around the typical local pub or bar. Why should population size be so uninteresting to the vast majority?

Environmental Heroes Can Inspire Economic Reformers
by Brent Blackwelder   
Each year in April, the Goldman Environmental Prizes are awarded to six activists, one from each of the six inhabited continental regions. This year’s winners have overcome tremendous odds and threats to their lives to lead effective protests and carry out brilliant strategies. The inspiring winners give me hope that, on the economic front, we can energize an enormous protest movement in the United States. The Occupy movement has provided a solid start on opposing the outdated, unfair, growth-dependent economic model — a model that drives unemployment, encourages casino-style financing, enlarges the gap between the super-rich and the rest of society, and sucks the blood from the life-support systems of the planet.
Sierra Club's Electric Cars: Is It Time for More Technology or Culture Change?
by Jan Lundberg   
ImageThe big money continues to talk. For environmental protection in extreme times, what have we got?
• A government much more intimate with BP, for example, than citizens want to know.
• Environmental groups promoting electric cars instead of advocating car-free living -- such as the Sierra Club, which accepted $26 million in donations from Chesapeake Energy, the natural gas fracker.
• News media usually adhere, as though they were corrupted, to the above kinds of influences. Real news can filter through, such as on climate change, but less frequently than a few years ago.
Guided by Gaia
by Jan Lundberg   
ImageWhen I first heard of the Gaia Hypothesis in the 1990s, as formulated by chemist James Lovelock and microbiologist Lynn Margulis, I was skeptical but respectful of the idea.  I didn't rule it out.  But neither did I feel confident that the Earth is a living single organism.  Perhaps I was too caught up in scientific reductionism, and needed to have proof -- such as to sit down with Gaia herself.  So I took note of the notion and kept on trying to save and heal Earth.  
This is it, so sorry no-one was ready: Climate chaos = sudden actions
by Jan Lundberg   
As Roger Waters expressed on the dark 1981 Pink Floyd album, The Final Cut, "There's too many home fires burning / and not enough trees / So f--k all that..." In other words, too many people consuming.

It's all becoming obvious. The heat wave called "March summer" registers, to those noticing, like a sentence to be marched off to the ovens. Ecocide = genocide. But many people still do have minds of their own. So it is good news we are all hit with the ultimate wake-up call. Adhering to the status quo, trying to ignore our environment, will give way to taking action and treating the climate carefully. One might even go off in search of water instead of looking at Facebook.

Good news? Global sea level likely to rise as much as 70 feet for future generations
by Jan Lundberg   
Something provocative for one and all -- but global-warming deniers should not take offense, despite their cherished wealth machinery disparaged herein, for they say sea level rise is BS.

An amusing interview with a climate activist and alternative energy businessman who requested anonymity.

A Science Daily article on March 19, 2012 reported a new study published in the journal Geology that depressed everybody who was paying attention.

Plastic Ocean: How Bad Is It? - Capt. Charles Moore's talk in Long Beach, March 6
by Jan Lundberg   
ImageI attended, and Culture Change videotaped, Captain Charles Moore's presentation at the Aquarium of the Pacific, Long Beach, California, on March 6, 2012. The well attended event gave additional insight on the plastic plague afflicting the oceans and our bodies that, along with his celebrated new book Plastic Ocean, surprised and motivated the audience.

Watch it on our website: Plastic Ocean: How Bad Is It?

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