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26 February 2015
Ecological Denial on the Gulf Oil Disaster: U.S. Policies Continue Toward Collapse
by Jan Lundberg, oil industry analyst   
The impact of the Gulf oil disaster on the national psyche and the economy have barely begun. When Florida, a more substantial state than Louisiana, is hit by the unprecedented pollution assured to have lasting effects, the quickened erosion of confidence in government, industry and modern technology may accelerate the end of this current phase of U.S. society.
Discovering Human Closeness: Outside the U.S. (Part I)
by Jan Lundberg   
Thanks to a Bolivian merchant’s error of inserting an extra digit in a bank card charge, delaying my departure back to the Northern Hemisphere, my history was changed. In the three extra days in the country, where I needed to rest up after an altitude related illness, I reached a surprising level of involvement in the community where I happen to have gotten stuck. This was my journal entry:

The word “culture” does not suffice when experiencing the eye-opening revelations of days lived amongst aware people. I am fortunate to be doing this now in Bolivia.

Nut Case at the Wheel
by Jan Lundberg   
As the U.S. continues the incredibly wasteful misallocation of resources known as car production and everything that goes with it, the externalized costs in terms of global warming, oil spills, and human isolation as consumers, only mount.

Who is in charge of this mad policy of ecocide? We all are, but we did elect a president named Barack Obama.

Oil Gusher in Gulf: Energy Gluttony, not Oil Addiction, is Greater Challenge
by Jan Lundberg   
It's crazy that everyone was blindsided by the unprecedented BP oil rig explosion and oil well disaster, when it or a similar event had to happen eventually. Indeed, we now have a "new" wrinkle for petrocollapse. Petrocollapse has mostly referred to the effects of peak oil, but all is ecological in the final analysis.

Most people paying attention to the world at large know that millions of gallons of crude oil have been loosed, still gushing uncontrollably, threatening not only the Gulf of Mexico but beyond. Our report suggests more than clean-up and better oversite: the Committee Against Oil Exploration.

Climate Protection Movement Coming Together - From to Pachamama's Children
by Jan Lundberg   
There is good news on the climate activism front, based on first hand information coming in to Culture Change. But first, some necessary background:

The global struggle to save the climate and ensure our common survival takes various forms. The movement is not limited to just a few well known approaches, such as "politically realistic" legislation, conferences, or boosting renewable energy. As an example of a new force post-Copenhagen, there is momentum from last month's Bolivia gathering, particularly since the title of it included the Rights of Mother Earth.

Bolivia in Contrast: Feeding the Petroleum Industry amidst Local Resilience
by Jan Lundberg, photography by Bronwyn Lundberg   
ImageBefore presenting our latest photo-journalism direct from the just-concluded People´s Climate Conference, and disturbing you with news of road building and plastics manufacture in Bolivia, we ask you to bear with us one moment regarding the financing of our activism and reporting:

To complete this trip to Bolivia and follow it up properly, successful fundraising is key. We were almost alone at the Cochabamba climate conference when it comes to our issues or our slant on others' main issues.

Diversity dead-end: Inclusiveness without accountability
by Robert Jensen   

After a recent talk on racism and other illegitimate hierarchies at a diversity conference in Dallas, I received a letter from one of the people who had attended that asked "why you feel it necessary to perpetuate and even exacerbate the divisiveness of language when addressing a group of people assembled to learn how to live better together and be more accepting of differences?" He suggested that by being so sharply critical, I was part of the problem not the solution

Bolivia's Evo Morales: Capitalism and Plastic No, Mother Earth and Indigenous Products, Yes
by Jan Lundberg, in Cochabamba   
ImageAt the People's World Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth, the consistent message is ecological, indigenous, communitarian and anti-corporate. The great majority of speakers sound radical and have the support of the thousands of attendees. The message is welcome at the top, in the person of Evo Morales, the indigenous Aymara former farmer and union organizer who is Bolivia's president.
Sierra Club Slammed for "Clean Car" Opportunism
by Jan Lundberg   

Editor's note:
A testimony to the failure of the environmental movement to offer an alternative to ecocide is the continued, widespread support of the automobile industry for "clean cars." This pseudo-environmental stance is almost identical to the Obama administration's myopia about continuing industrial pollution at full tilt for the sake of "jobs" and stability for its friends on Wall Street. However, the state of affairs -- driving off the ecological cliff for maximum petrocollapse -- is also the failure of grassroots activism and the pro-bicycle/pro walking movements.

Bicycle Times: Anticipating the Sail Transport Connection
by Karen Brooks   
Editor's note: "Moving Around the World: the Sail Transport Network" is a new article in the relatively new magazine Bicycle Times. The publishing team also puts out the mountain biking magazine Dirt Rag. Seeing sail transport as an extension of biking is a smart way to anticipate the future. People imagine life without the internal combustion engine and cars, but do they also see ways around trucking and ocean-going freight relying on polluting, dwindling oil?
Will Oil and Economy Taper off or Crash? - Jan Lundberg on Portland TV
by Jan Lundberg   
Image On Mar. 27, Portland Community Media produced and televised another edition of the 19-year running public affairs show, TV Set. The one-hour program had oil analyst/environmentalist Jan Lundberg as the guest to discuss the ramifications of the world's having reached peak oil extraction.
The People of the Brook versus Supermarket Splendor
by Jan Lundberg   
"Mister America walk on by your supermarket dream
Mister America walk on by your liquor store supreme"
- The Mothers, 1966 album Freak Out

For many thousands of years, any tribe knew not to overfish the local brook. For if the people did so, fish would not be forthcoming from distant places. There was always some trade, but not of staples (nor paperclips!).

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