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28 October 2016
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Taking Responsibility for the Climate Crisis
by Jan Lundberg   
22 December 2009
The unnatural dominant culture, coldly spewing its noise and heat, subjecting us to dirty machines and pavement, no longer makes sense in terms of our needs as humans. But don't let it get you down and make you give up. Play your guitar, enjoy the company of friends, or whatever else restores your humanity. Perhaps the songs and the conversations will lead to some liberation and justice, alleviating the pain of this senseless system running our lives into the ground. But we must do even more. Finding a "better job" is no solution long-term, however much we think we need money to survive.
Copenhagen COP pain until Mexico COP Wariness
by Albert Bates   
22 December 2009
Image My COP15 Journal: Day Sixteen, Dec. 19

"Goodbye Africa, goodbye south Asia; goodbye glaciers and sea ice, coral reefs and rainforest; it was nice knowing you, not that we really cared. The governments which moved so swiftly to save the banks have bickered and filibustered while the biosphere burns." ó George Monbiot, The Guardian, Dec. 18, 2009

Last Day: When we arrived in Copenhagen 16 days ago, we were met by Ross and Hildur Jackson, our hosts at a farm near BirkerÝd, just outside the city.

Evils of False Progress Interfere in Fight for Climate - Now It's up to Us
by Jan Lundberg   
19 December 2009
Although one yearns for global warming to indeed not exceed 2 degrees Celsius (or less, as African countries demand), the take-home message from the Copenhagen COP meeting is that polluters and growth mongers, large and small, will not let up. This is because they are not being forced to -- whether by their own peoples or by natural forces such as ecological or economic collapse. Most diabolical is the intention to switch energy as the main strategy for climate protection, when it will not work.
Christiania: Copenhagen's Funky Jewel of Sustainability
by Albert Bates   
18 December 2009
ImageWednesday, December 16, 2009
My COP15 Journal: Day Thirteen
A few years ago, when the Local Agenda-21 group for Copenhagen (Agenda 21 was the name of the sustainable development plan the UN launched at the Earth Summit in Rio) started to look at what kind of changes might be needed to place the city on a more sustainable path through the challenges of the coming century, they requested a guided tour of Christiania.
Honest Coverage and Commentary in Copenhagen - Follow Albert Bates (Part 2)
by Jan Lundberg   
12 December 2009
ImageAlbert Bates, climate-change author and teacher in permaculture, has continued his blogging and photography from Copenhagen. Here is an excerpt of his latest entries and pictures since we covered his Days 1 and 2 on Culture Change, Dec. 6th:
Putting Meat on the Table
by Peter Goodchild   
08 December 2009
Editor's note: It goes without saying that Culture Change readers are interested in sustainability and non-cruelty, and stand for peace and nonviolence. However, Peter Goodchild's new piece is a tour de force, touching on fish-hook making, constructing traps, preparing hides, etc., from his first-hand experience, and is a quintessential do-it-yourself (DIY) resource. - JL

Yes, I know, the only meat youíre allowed to eat is the kind that sits in a Styrofoam tray and is covered with cling film. Buddhists arenít allowed to kill fish, so they leave them to die on the beach. Now letís get down to business.

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