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19 January 2019
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Redesigning Money Systems to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
by Hazel Henderson   
13 December 2008
ImageEditor's note: Hazel Henderson is the celebrated, longest running alternative economist. A reader of Culture Change, she endorsed our Alliance for a Paving Moratorium in the 1990s. She famously observed that "Economics is a form of brain damage." Hazel supports "accelerating the growing green economy" and "ethical markets." This may conflict with a vision of sustainability based on simplicity, but this article provides timely insights on financial politics.
Peak Money and the Shambles from Peak Oil
by Jan Lundberg   
12 December 2008
Culture Change Letter #220 - We've outgrown ourselves and we can't crawl back inside. The shell shatters inward as our economy and aggressive culture implodes.

After the peak, it's all down hill from here. Back in the summer, with record oil prices that meant some people somewhere were making a whole lotta money, one might have suspected the peak of funny-money and paper/electronic wealth would happen sometime. Turns out it was weeks away.

Too Late? Why Scientists Say We Should Expect the Worst
by David Adam   
08 December 2008
As ministers and officials gather in Poznan one year ahead of the Copenhagen summit on global warming, the second part of a major series looks at the crucial issue of targets.

At a high-level academic conference on global warming at Exeter University this summer, climate scientist Kevin Anderson stood before his expert audience and contemplated a strange feeling. He wanted to be wrong. Many of those in the room who knew what he was about to say felt the same. His conclusions had already caused a stir in scientific and political circles. Even committed green campaigners said the implications left them terrified.

Obama Supports the Workers' Occupation of Republic Windows and Doors, Chicago
by Jan Lundberg   
07 December 2008
ImageIn a remarkable instance of radical direct action by labor, backed by Barack Obama, workers at the Republic Windows and Doors factory in Chicago have taken over the premises. At issue is the lack of proper termination and the lack of financing for an employer by Bank of America when the bank has billions of tax-payer dollars as part of the Wall Street bail-out.
Water Fight: corporate bottom line versus foes of privatization and plasticization
by Jan Lundberg   
04 December 2008
Culture Change Letter #219 - I felt oddly guilty being on the inside with major corporados when outside the grassroots activists were demonstrating on San Francisco's waterfront. The coverage of the conflict in that day's Chronicle was extensive, but interestingly did not mention the location (the Hyatt Regency) or even the name of the conference: Corporate Water Footprinting.
Our Humpty-Dumpty Economy
by Dan Bednarz   
04 December 2008
This is not just another recession. We are reeling from two entwined problems, “Bad Money” and “The Bottleneck” of ecological pressures. The financial/economic crisis represents the market and Mother Nature forcing us to devise a sustainable economy. Unfortunately, government, Democrats and Republicans alike, is attempting to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.
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