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15 December 2018
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by Jan Lundberg   
24 December 2005
Culture Change Letter #119

People’s mild critique of the entire political and socioeconomic system is the main obstacle in the piecemeal attempt to solve problems that are often considered intractable.

Condemning the system while we maintain specific complaints is a deeper approach, and the real success – if only for the journey – is in practicing sustainable living in a conscious opposition to the system.

It could be deliberate, from a conspiracy-theory standpoint, that some crises are created to distract the public from concentrating on such issues as labor rights or the defense of the ecosystem.

An example of mild critique is whenever one narrow movement chooses to tolerate the wider system, or claims its agenda is the sure ticket instead of a concerted effort to see a new paradigm take over in our evolution.

The public’s mild critique also happens to be a result of the system. Either way --the mild critique doing the limiting or the system limiting the critique -- or both ways, the right focus is being made and it targets a deadly, stumbling mistake. You know where I’m going with this line of reasoning: civilization is failing, obvious if we look at our common situation with any concern.

If it spells failure, what’s next? It’s up to us: more war, or a constrained system with comparative peace? Or, a third option that has been adopted in a few places where community still reigns supreme?

After peak oil’s petrocollapse and the following possible calm or peace, that third option – of a sustainable culture – will be our only choice.

Merry Solstice Season


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