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18 December 2018
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by Jan Lundberg   
16 January 2010
For the Fast for Haiti to Raise $ for Aid, here is the List of known participants beginning January 16, 2010:
As of 1 PM, Jan. 17, Pacific Coast time - U.S.

Jan Lundberg, Portland, Oregon. (? days)
Skip Londos, Waco Texas (3 days)
Fran Gibson, California (? days)
Peter Crabb, New Tripoli, Pennsylvania (3 days)
Brian Willson, Portland, Oregon (3 days)
Blaine Bookey, Esq., Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti, Joseph, Oregon (? days)
Penny Dunn, Washington State (5 days)
Karen Wood, Waco, Texas (3 days)
Ronda Hughes, Church World Service, South Bend, Indiana (3 days)
Phyllis von Miller, Newport, Washington (5 days)
Angela Bischoff and partner, Toronto, Canada, (? days)
Jerry Erwin, Vancouver, Washington, (2 days)
Albert Bates, Summertown, Tennessee (? days)
Sarah Knuth, Muskegon, Michigan (1 1/2 days) North Muskegon, Michigan High Schoolers (1 day)

Please join us, and spread the word! To get on the List please email jan "at"

Fasting and donating the food-money saved is a "new" way to bring about mass participation in charitable giving, provided the fasters are well-enough fed and already buy their food, rather than produce it themselves.

*Note: some of the fasters are fasting three days over the next month, for example, instead of doing three days in a row. Either way works just as well for saving food money to donate to Haiti.

Charities to donate to who are working on Haiti relief:

Haiti Action
Doctors without Borders
Grassroots International
Partners in Health
Action Aid
American Red Cross

For more details about how you can donate effectively, check out Yes!, Mother Jones, Care2, and The Nationís. You can also watch Free Speech TVís action update video for more information.

Our first announcement and background on the Fast, with links to news and information on Haiti:

Fast for Haiti to Raise $ for Aid

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