Energy Decline
by Anna Semlyen   
28 October 2005
Poetry from the British Isles about peak oil

My aim is not to scare you
But to prepare you
As energy declines
There'll be less
Of what's mine
Because its fair
To share
When less
And less
Is there

As energy shrinks
We are on the brink
Of a new world order
That's much harder

Every family
Must conserve energy
And what's doable
Is more renewables

The best thing
For oil supplies
That's what's wise
Yet the market will decide
And prices sharply rise

Me, me, me
Must give way to
We, we, we
Or there'll be

Clean water's
What we ought to
If we're to weather
This mighty storm
In any civilised form

With a shrinking pie
My mind's eye
Predicts collapse
But perhaps
Of the issues
Will stop the misuse
Of remaining petrol
Before a mighty cull
A mass die off
While politicians cry off
Tackling the problem
Of dwindling petroleum

Sad but true
Now what are you
Going to do?

25 Oct. 2005

Anna Semlyen is the author of Cutting Your Car Use (

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