Listen to the Gary Null Show, NYC radio, with Jan Lundberg
by Jan Lundberg   
13 January 2011
Interest is growing regarding collapse and the end of the U.S. empire. On The Gary Null Show on January 14th we discussed this as well as peak oil, climate, relocalizing economies, skills, resisting the system, conviviality, and the environmental movement. Listen or download at

The show was live at 12:30 PM EST on WNYE-NPR (91.5 FM, NYC), WBAI-FM (99.5 FM, NYC, Pacifica Radio), and the Progressive Radio Network online which has an international audience.

The show resulted from "some the views in your recent piece on the Fall of the American Empire" as stated by the producer, Richard Gale. (see Greet the Fall)

Gary Null has a long background as a health activist and writer, and has branched out into additional big picture issues.

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