And the winner is...
by Jan Lundberg   
29 June 2011
Charles Komanoff!

Charles is an economist working in New York City on transportation and energy.

- We interrupt this announcement to advise you that Culture Change is still short on funds for operating in July. Please help now! -

Charles is known for research showing nuclear power to be financially unfeasible. I know first hand that he has put many years into promoting car-free living, bike advocacy, and trying to make cars pay their way in society.

He won the contest held this week: Who will be the first to send a donation to Culture Change via the mails to our new address in Santa Cruz? Second question was for the winner: could we disclose the name and city, or was the donation to be "from Anonymous"?

Charles Komanoff

Part of the attraction for contestants was that the winner was invited to make a statement on culture change, and provide a web link. Not only is this information below from Charles; we asked him if the amount of the donation could be made known. He said yes: $100. Culture Change thanks him for his timely generosity for our July expenses. This is Charles' statement:

For tenacity and courage; for love of Earth; and for providing a bracing antidote to conventional environmentalism's crackpot realism, Jan and Culture Change deserve so much more than my modest contribution. Let's get ten thousand of us to do the same!
Web site:

Thanks again Charlie!

In solidarity, Jan Lundberg

The original message on this site: Be the first..

We just sent this out to a few thousand opt-in subscribers:

Dear Culture Change reader and supporter,

You can be the first to have a donation arrive at our new post-office box address in our new home town.

For our July fundraising goal we fell far short of the necessary level to keep bringing you Culture Change.

In the coming crucial weeks we believe you want us to keep concentrating on issues pertaining to nuclear, oil, sail power, the plastic plague, politics, and collapse. The transition or transformation at hand requires our continued attention as we strive for unity and solidarity, toward a livable future.

We have long been known as an "early awareness" source of information and insight, although developments are now flying ever faster and more furiously in this changing world. Please help us help you to grow in awareness and take positive action.

FYI, the dollars we received from June's fundraising efforts were solely via PayPal, which takes a percentage off each donation. As of yesterday, Monday afternoon, the new Santa Cruz P.O. Box still had no check or money order for Culture Change. Maybe there will be one tomorrow or the next day, to lift our spirits and help pay minimum bills. Wouldn't you like to be first the one to donate by mail, and win some recognition?

We will list the winner's name and city (and affiliation or website, optionally). With the listing can be a sentence on what culture change means in the winner's life. [If the winner prefers, we can say the first donor is "from Anonymous."]
Thank you for believing in Culture Change. If you can't find an envelope or stamp, we certainly welcome the online donation method. Please visit our online donation page. If you cannot afford to donate, please tell friends about us and share with them a link to one of our articles.

I hope you're enjoying the summer and are holding your head up in good health.


Jan Lundberg, founder and publisher, Culture Change

P.O. Box 3387, Santa Cruz, CA 95063 USA

Tel./Fax: 1-215-243-3144 email info "at" culturechange "dot" org +

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