Will Culture Change be silenced?
by Jan Lundberg   
15 December 2011
You're on Culture Change's subscription list for a reason. You want to see insightful, helpful material you might get nowhere else. Please consider where it has really come from, and why we need your help now:

Big Oil money has targeted me for many years. The campaign has taken the form usually of ... [deletion of a legal reference, January 2013]. Still, Culture Change (and its predecessors Auto-Free Times magazine, Fossil Fuels Policy Action, and Alliance for a Paving Moratorium) always pushed on and contributed to public discourse, fighting the good fight.

You shouldn't care about somebody else's "family squabble," ... [deletion of a legal reference, January 2013] ...Mesa Lundberg supported Culture Change in any way she could until she [died] in 2008.

So Culture Change came out of not just road-fighting campaigns, defending ancient redwoods, depaving, car-free living, pedal power produce, and sail networks: we looked ever more deeply at the shaky foundation of a greed-ridden society with toxic values, and tried to show how we can all surmount the threat to humanity and to the planet.

Will our positive initiatives keep going, and will we remain visible and vocal? We can't make it without your help now. It gets down to our having to go into the red to pay a bill. It has happened before and could happen in a matter of days. Personal sacrifice has often kept the ship afloat for 23 years. But now the future of Culture Change can either be a productive December and new year, or trying to operate at bare, bare minimum levels. Or -- and this is new -- we walk away from it because we just have to keep body and soul together some other way. The Big Oil forces would love this outcome. This, when our work may be just beginning, as we share with the world a vision that seemed "radical" a few years ago and now finds wider and wider acceptance.

Please think about our situation and how you can help -- do you have Songs of Petroleum: the Autobiography of Jan Lundberg, independent oil industry analyst and eco-activist? A purchase can make somebody happy during this holiday season, and help keep Culture Change going -- please go to our Donation page. If you're not in a position to share your resources with us, thanks for giving us your best thoughts.

Our best to you,

for Culture Change

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Culture Change
Publisher and Editor: Jan Lundberg,
independent oil industry analyst

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