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Nonprofit founded in 1988


About Culture Change:

Welcome to Culture Change,, founded in 1988 by an energy analyst who published the Lundberg Letter on oil industry trends.

Most mainstream environmental organizations do not quite tell it like it is or offer a realistic vision of what a sustainable society must start with.  We look at the big picture and do not pursue inadequate reforms.  People are bombarded by minutiae, despair and false hope, which the corporate media add to as they distract the public from making connections between today's crises.  

Through independent thinking and cooperative action it is possible to attain bioregionally based economic security that would greatly heal the Earth's and our own wounds. We are not only "concerned" about global climate change; we present a realistic analysis of the so-called techno-fix.  We demonstrate alternatives to sprawl and petroleum dependence while fighting unwise development such as new road construction.

Overpopulation has been possible in the U.S. through seven decades of petroleum dependence, yet policies assure or assume non-stop growth of consumers, cars, etc.  Being in denial about technology and "progress" is a good test of one's adherence to the American Dream, as distinguished from our typical reader/supporter.  Key changes needed in the U.S. includes stopping road building, which is part of the petroleum infrastructure.  

Phasing out massive fossil fuel use as fast as possible is crucial to saving Earth's climate from total destabilization.  Economically the reasoning is equally strong: as oil runs very short in a few years, trade will suddenly have to become more local-based, challenging the corporate world economy.

The Alliance for a Paving Moratorium
Culture Change was previously known as the Sustainable Energy Institute, and previous to 2001 known as Fossil Fuels Policy Action.  Its first major project was the Alliance for a Paving Moratorium with its flagship the Auto-Free Times magazine.  Formed in 1990, the Alliance for a Paving Moratorium is a diverse movement of 170 grassroots community groups, individuals and businesses. Our common goal: to halt the tremendous environmental, social and economic damage caused by endless road building. Decaying inner cities, foul air and water, global warming and war over oil are all byproducts of our growth-at-any-cost economy. 

We brought together many activists in North America and educated the public.  Our message helped bring about today's strong anti-sprawl movement, which has been co-opted somewhat by the Smart Growth movement (see article in Culture Change #20 articles in this website).  Road building continues, but is facing opposition from citizens when government officials are reminded that oil dependence, global warming and more traffic are some of the  consequences of more roads and road widenings.

A paving moratorium would limit the spread of population, redirect investment from suburbs to inner cities, and revitalize our economies.  Funds would be freed for mass transportation and to maintain existing roads.  The Alliance assists road fighters all over the world with this website's factsheets.  We published Road Fighters' Alerts and the quarterly Auto-Free Times magazine. For a history on the anti-road movement and APM, click here.

From concentrating on fighting offshore oil exploration to assist activists nationally, we have come to focus on petroleum plastics.  In such arenas we add our voice to the public debate on energy policy as we go further to try to create awareness on mindless consumption of petroleum.  See our web page for plastics at
and the Committee Against Oil Exploration at

Culture Change mailing address: P.O. Box 3387 , Santa Cruz , California 95063 USA
  Telephone 1-215-243-3144 (and fax)

Culture Change was founded by Sustainable Energy Institute (formerly Fossil Fuels Policy Action), a nonprofit organization.