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10 August 2022
This is it, so sorry no-one was ready: Climate chaos = sudden actions
by Jan Lundberg   
As Roger Waters expressed on the dark 1981 Pink Floyd album, The Final Cut, "There's too many home fires burning / and not enough trees / So f--k all that..." In other words, too many people consuming.

It's all becoming obvious. The heat wave called "March summer" registers, to those noticing, like a sentence to be marched off to the ovens. Ecocide = genocide. But many people still do have minds of their own. So it is good news we are all hit with the ultimate wake-up call. Adhering to the status quo, trying to ignore our environment, will give way to taking action and treating the climate carefully. One might even go off in search of water instead of looking at Facebook.

Good news? Global sea level likely to rise as much as 70 feet for future generations
by Jan Lundberg   
Something provocative for one and all -- but global-warming deniers should not take offense, despite their cherished wealth machinery disparaged herein, for they say sea level rise is BS.

An amusing interview with a climate activist and alternative energy businessman who requested anonymity.

A Science Daily article on March 19, 2012 reported a new study published in the journal Geology that depressed everybody who was paying attention.

Plastic Ocean: How Bad Is It? - Capt. Charles Moore's talk in Long Beach, March 6
by Jan Lundberg   
ImageI attended, and Culture Change videotaped, Captain Charles Moore's presentation at the Aquarium of the Pacific, Long Beach, California, on March 6, 2012. The well attended event gave additional insight on the plastic plague afflicting the oceans and our bodies that, along with his celebrated new book Plastic Ocean, surprised and motivated the audience.

Watch it on our website: Plastic Ocean: How Bad Is It?

The Deplorax or: The Lorax Goes Hollywood (poem)
by Gar Smith   
ImageGar Smith, environmental journalist, amused us with "My review of The Lorax (with apologies to Dr. Seuss)"

My name is the Lorax and I speak for the trees.
So how'd I get sucked up in Hollywood sleaze?
My message was lost in the Stremulous Stream!
Even Swomee-swans told me to "Get with the Team!"

The Grinch (who stole Christmas) got all the attention
Why TV? Why Movies? Why all this Big Mention?
Because he's defeated, so Whos can start shopping!
But me? I'm ignored because I'd stop chopping.

An ocean of plastic - Capt. Charles Moore on CBS television
by Jan Lundberg   
Image Also: plastic/petroleum/population overshoot connection; Meryl Streep's plastic water-bottle embrace

The new book Plastic Ocean by Capt. Charles Moore was featured March 4 on CBS television, NY City:

"The invention of plastic was a revelation, but its durability makes it almost impossible to decompose. So where does it go? Into a 'soup' of floating garbage that is filling our oceans. David Pogue of the New York Times reports."

Oil expectations of consumers demanding more, and a response
by Jan Lundberg   
On Feb. 25, 2012, a message came in from an irate website visitor whose name won't be used:

Subject: Off Shore Drilling and North Dakota Oil

Are you crazy? The United States of America needs to be independant and free from Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Iran and Yemen oil. Opec's agenda for keeping gas prices at a rediculous cost to consumers will cause middle class Americans commuting to work to stop putting money into our economy.

Love, or Peace?
by Jan Lundberg   
ImageModern society has adopted romantic love as an individualistic virtue, dating back to the European age of Chivalry and its literature. As chaos and insecurity mounted in the 20th century, "love" became for many the main desired goal. When asked, those left in "peace" would say "peace would be nice too." As peace retreated in the last 100 years, love seemed more popular.

What is love? It is a large concept, going beyond romantic love to love of family, friends, pets, music, anything -- including a philosophy of loving love.

Why do political and economic leaders deny Peak Oil and Climate Change?
by Alice Friedemann   
Image Since there’s nothing that can be done about climate change, because there’s no scalable alternative to fossil fuels, I’ve always wondered why politicians and other leaders, who clearly know better, feel compelled to deny it. I think it’s for exactly the same reasons you don’t hear them talking about preparing for Peak Oil.

1) our leaders have known since the last energy crisis that there’s no comparable alternative energy ready to replace fossil fuels.

Universal Mind Meditation versus Cars
by Bill LeBon   
Bill on rock, rock on Bill

Universal Mind Meditation

Feel the whole infinite Universe, see the galaxies. See our Milky Way Galaxy and our star the Sun. See the planets, then see Earth. Feel that love for our beautiful blue home planet. As the Universal, feel the desire to protect and nuture this special miracle.
Of Uncertain Futures: As We Are Not Yet One
by Jan Lundberg   
ImageAs the modern age accelerates its downward spiral toward an uncertain outcome, we are divided in our outlooks and fears.  Yet, if we examine them, and if enough of us have a dialogue resulting in action, we might discover our apparent weaknesses in such a way to make us stronger.  

More "haves" than ever sense an uncertain future, mainly that of becoming have-nots.  But when haves admit that deeper threats are getting close to engulfing humanity -- ecological deterioration, famine over rising energy prices and water shortage -- the future appears downright doubtful.

Culture Change is unique / Update on Sail Transport Network
by Jan Lundberg   
In the interests of keeping the show on the road and the doors open, we need you as a supportive reader to help Culture Change cover basic costs in February. Here's why:

At Culture Change we aren't giving our readers and supporters a part-time, share-our-feelings service. No, we are full-time activists living a low-consumptive, engaged lifestyle. Cutting-edge projects have been our hallmark: Pedal Power Produce, banning plastic bags, depaving, initiating or participating in protests, the Sail Transport Network (STN), multi-media materials and events, arts, networking nonstop, and more --

Direct Fossil Fuel Subsidies Worldwide: Half a Trillion Dollars Annually - commentary and findings
by Culture Change / Lester Brown   
Here are disturbing numbers from the International Energy Agency (IEA) and World on the Edge: How to Prevent Environmental and Economic Collapse, by Lester R. Brown, and its excerpt "Governments Spend $1.4 Billion Per Day to Destabilize Climate" released by Earth Policy Institute on Jan. 19, 2012. First, Culture Change provides critical comment:

It is a public service that Worldwatch Institute founder Lester Brown, now with his Earth Policy Institute, has helped expose the huge, ongoing financial subsidies to fossil fuels industries. Governments' and corporations' persisting with this policy -- legal corruption of the worst order at a time of out-of-control climate change -- is nothing short of insane or criminal.

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