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26 May 2024
Wealth is a System of Concentration
by Chuck Burr   
ImageWealth is not what we are taught. Wealth is not stuff; it is a fiercely protected system of concentration. Wealth is a verb, not a noun. It is the act of the hoarding, and is a key pillar of our culture.

The Agricultural Revolution: The “Dominion Revolution”

This system was invented by one tribe in the fertile crescent 10,000 years ago during an event called the Agricultural Revolution.

U.S. Peak Oil Conference Conflicted Amidst The Oil Recession
by Jan Lundberg   
Upon the first global recession influenced by the peaking of oil extraction and record high prices, the question for "peak oilers" arises: does peak oil and energy decline mean great profits for modernizing industry, or is peak oil the beginning of huge changes in lifestyle toward sustainability after societal collapse?

Those were the two main concerns at play at the fifth annual meeting of the U.S. chapter of the Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas (ASPO-USA), in Denver, Oct. 11-13.

W.R. Grace Inc.'s Prior Knowledge of Risks of Asbestosis Ignored in Federal Court
by moth   
ImageThis report will attempt to show that several corporate officers employed by W.R. Grace Inc., the defendants in a recent federal trial in Missoula, Montana were engaged in acts of criminal conspiracy to commit negligent homicide against their workers at the W.R. Grace's Zonolite brand vermiculite plant in Libby, Montana during several decades.
Finding My Identity
by Keith Farnish   
I have found an identity.

Is that really such a big deal? The thing is, I didn’t realize I was missing one. There are so many things I could call myself: a human, male, a father, a husband, a writer, a thinker, a gardener, a campaigner... so many things that I feel pretty comfortable with, yet until a couple of weeks ago I didn’t realize there was something missing; something that yawned inside me, empty and lacking substance.

Pittsburgh G20 Protests - Firsthand Account
by David Rovics   
ImageEditor's note: David Rovics is a dedicated activist-musician whom I know. In his column below there are a couple of statements that some might argue are exaggerated generalizations about U.S. society. But if his entire account is read, it's clear why he would make his devastating yet inspiring statements. Additional deep analyses by others follow (links). JL
The Police Are Rioting: Reflections on Pittsburgh

San Francisco's Peak Oil Task Force Report: Excellent, But Lacking
by Jan Lundberg, oil-industry analyst   
The San Francisco Peak Oil Preparedness Task Force’s Final Report: Compelling Excellence, But Lacking in Some Frankness and Vision

Two years ago I was honored to be selected in the first round of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors’ votes for filling the slots for the Peak Oil Preparedness Task Force. I felt that as we were the first city in the Western Hemisphere to ban or place a fee on petroleum-plastic shopping bags, San Francisco was worthy of my devoted service.

Radio Interview on Health Care for a Post-Peak Oil World
by Jan Lundberg   
As readers know, I've written about the difference between healing and today's petrochemical-drug oriented medical system. The insurance being debated is seldom about true health care, especially not for post-petroleum living. Should Baby Boomers be worried only about government programs, or also some of their modern conveniences taken for granted? Some of these trappings of our troubled civilization hardly work and are toxic.

Update: Radio show archived. Listen now at Coping With Caregiving (go to episode 3)

Obama Has Fanned the Flames of Nuclear Development
by Roger Herried   
ImageIt would seem that nothing is new under the sun these days when it comes to the good old USA. The state of Arizona -- anybody remember McCain -- recently gave the Canadian Denison Mining Company the go-ahead to reopen the Arizona 1 uranium mine near the Grand Canyon, with two more mining permits pending.
Time To Decide What Matters
by Keith Farnish for Culture Change   
Editor's note: the author has just come out with his excellent book Time's Up!, joining the Chelsea Green stable of works on sustainability.

How important do you think humans are?

For millennia we have been taught that human beings have a vital almost divine role in the Great Chain of Being, and to look around the cities where most of us now live you could indeed be forgiven for thinking that we are ecologically dominant, if not vital to the functioning of life on Earth: I think it’s about time this was put into some kind of perspective.

Civil Disobedience Against False Climate Bill
by Climate SOS   
Press release:


• Climate SOS Tours to "Kill The Bill" and push tougher laws
• Nonviolent civil disobedience, office occupations, and protests on both coasts
• "Worse Than Nothing is Not Good Enough"

(Sept. 8, 2009) Climate SOS, a grassroots network of environmentalists, scientists, and social justice activists, is launching a nationwide car-free tour

Health Care in a Phantom Democracy
by Jan Lundberg   
ImageIf Money Can't Buy Love, Can It Buy Health Care?

In 2002 I wrote The Health Care Tribe, but not in response to high health care costs. Rather, my concern was that people need to take care of one another: family, friends, neighbors. Sounds a little odd for the U.S., does it not?

Radio Ecoshock show PART 2: Jan Lundberg interviewed by Alex Smith
by Jan Lundberg   
When the Great Correction Comes (Part Two)

In this portion of Alex Smith's interview of Jan Lundberg, first the changed oil-industry role of Lundberg Survey is discussed, followed by explanation on the jive of "greener" highway construction. The origin of Jan Lundberg's work on culture change as an approach to activism is also discussed, followed by personal paths to living the future now, sustainable food security for Portland, Oregon, and more.

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