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14 July 2024
Radio Ecoshock: Jan Lundberg interviewed by Alex Smith
by Alex Smith / Jan Lundberg   
ImageWhen the Great Correction Comes (Part 1)

Former oil and gas analyst Jan Lundberg says declining energy and climate ends globalization. It's time to launch the lifeboats of localization and sustainable energy. Why big government can't fix it -- and why do we need big government at all? Lundberg sees an inevitable rebuild from his website First of his two part interview on the big picture. Click to listen now.

Chevron's PR Campaign Masking Human Rights Abuses in Ecuador
by Amazon Watch   
August 27, 2009

Contact: Nick Magel, 415-478-9600
Paul Paz y Miņo, 510-773-4635

Corporation Responsible for Worst Oil-related Disaster on Earth Sponsors Nonprofits Conference

The Biochar Promise: Sacred Shrines and Skinny Chickens
by Albert Bates   
ImageEditor's note: Albert Bates' ongoing research and networking around the world have resulted in an optimistic message. He agrees there's no way that collapse of suburbia and business-as-usual can be avoided. But with ecovillages, permaculture, biochar and all manner of caring for the Earth, he knows we can do a lot better than to wait for the results of more fossil foolery and an attempted technofix to maintain the global corporate economy.
"Global starvation imminent as US faces crop failure" - comment by Jan Lundberg
by Marc Davis   
Editor's commentary: The above headline and first sentences of a recent report from grab one's attention: "The world faces 'mass starvation' following North America's next major crop failure. And it could even happen before year's end."

World leaders and the corporate media don't appreciate the role of petroleum in food production and distribution. On top of that typical error in the report, several other contradictions make for a jaw-dropping reading experience.

Bad News about Plastic: Degrading Poisons into Ocean Water
by Jan Lundberg / Steve Connor   
ImageToday's world requires as never before that we all accept change and be part of it proactively. Mounting evidence shows there is no time to wait for people to decide to catch on in their own time. No better example of this exists than the plastic plague. Until we stop participating in trashing the planet and ourselves we are slashing away at our planetary wrists in ecocide.
Good News on and from the Amazon Rainforest
by James Painter, Jens Glüsing   
In Bolivia, ancient farming methods in the Amazon rainforest are being revisited. As Charles Mann demonstrated in his book 1491, the Amazon "jungle" was actually a managed food forest -- still there, although degraded. Terra preta, or biochar, worked for centuries and still has promise. The BBC reports that people are relearning to embrace the annual floods by using a centuries-old irrigation system for their crops.
Ocean Temperature Record and Other Clues: What Is Your Response?
by Jan Lundberg   
In this report we look at recent news on global warming, the positioning of denialists (the bad cop) and the more insidious "limited-measure-ists" (the good cop), and lastly the direct action approach. The news on global climate change does not get better, but patterns are emerging right now that may help us cut through the obstacles to acting forthrightly.
Fewer Toxins in Toyland
by Sarah (Steve) Mosko, Ph.D.   
Image [With commentary by Jan Lundberg]
This coming holiday season, parents shopping for children can rest a bit easier because of a recent California law restricting the use of toxic phthalate plasticizers in toys and childcare products made of plastic. Two additional classes of chemicals suspected of posing health risks to children, bisphenol A and
"Primitive Skills" Offer Sustainable Model
by Rebecca Lerner   
ImageEchoes In Time: A glimpse of the future?

Dale Coleman is a burly, bearded mountain man with buckskin shorts and a knife at his hip. His earlobes are pierced with spikes from a deer antler. Coleman, who prefers the moniker Blond Bear, could make it just fine in a peak oil situation.
Earth First! & Allies Target Chevron: Bay Area Banner Hanging, Rally, Civil Disobedience
by Jan Lundberg   
ImageCulture Change interviewed Scupper, a spokesman for the banner hangers treating the San Francisco Bay Area's Richmond Bridge car commuters to this message: Hey Chevron: No Jobs On a Dead Planet! In solidarity with Mobilization for Climate Justice and its Saturday rally and march to the nearby Chevron
ACTION ALERT: Petition to Save Richardson Grove Ancient Redwoods
by Jeff Musgrave   
ImageDon't let Cal-Trans rip a hole through the Redwood Curtain! Sign this petition now and help save the Richardson Grove Old Growth Redwoods!
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