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04 October 2022
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New Study: Higher speed limits cost lives -- with commentary by Jan Lundberg
by Drive 55 Leaders   
20 July 2009
A unique, authoritative national study has quantified the huge extra number of highway crash deaths since the national speed limit of 55 miles per hour was trashed. The lead author gutsily compares this to the fraction of people killed in the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks. First, a short pertinent story by Jan Lundberg:
Car-Reduced and Car-Free Pedestrian Habitats
by Greg Ramsey   
18 June 2009
It will take a long time for the US to embrace pedestrians, bicycling, and electric carts as substitutes for cars in our communities. And yet an inevitable change is coming that will significantly increase environmental quality, and restore real community and economic viability. Changing legislation, master planning, and the development of car-reduced and car-free communities will move us forward.
Connecting Food and Shelter: Solutions Evolve
by Culture Change   
16 June 2009
Back from the heaven of the future, big rewards are coming for innovative redesigns connecting the essentials of food and shelter. Ideas and implementations include physical and architectural designs, but culture change can operate more effectively, faster and less of a cost.

One big reward is directly to the people: Less commuting for essential activities. As shelter and food are brought closer together, from both directions, transportation will cease to be a disproportionately high cost.
Suffering Escalated by Oil Companies
by Culture Change   
02 June 2009
ImageThe human cost of oil addiction becomes ever more heinous as stories of massacres, beatings, tortures, shootings, killings, toxic pollution, destruction of habitats and livelihoods come in from around the globe. The pathology of corporate activities continues to be ruinously exploitative of people and the environment: ChevWrong, reported by the San Francisco Bay Guardian, Gwich'in Steering Committee from Canada to Alaska, and the Shell Guilty Campaign from Friends of the Earth, Oil Change International and Remember Saro-Wiwa. Isn't it time we ended oil addiction that leads to such crimes?
The True Oil Cost of the Military Monster
by Culture Change   
21 May 2009
In Schmookler's Parable of the Tribes: The Problem of Power in Social Evolution, the waste of resources and damage to quality of life has been a problem through history in cultures that choose conflict instead of peaceful collaboration.

America's energy consumption patterns are deeply insecure, and in a new report by Center for Naval Analyses (CNA), Powering America's Defense, authored by several military officials, perspectives from the vested interests of the military are revealed.
What Does Climate Change Do to Our Heads?
by Sanjay Khanna   
14 May 2009
ImageA small yet growing body of evidence suggests that how people think and feel is being influenced strongly by ecosystem transformation related to climate change and industry-related displacement from the land. These powerful stressors are occurring more frequently around the world.
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