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25 February 2024
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Don't Drink the (Plastic Bottled) Water
by Stephen McKean   
22 June 2008
Plastic bottles float The Junk
At long last, it looks like our two-decade affair with the disposable water bottle may finally be coming to an end. With increasing media attention being paid to the environmental impact of all those plastic bottles, as well as increased scrutiny of the perceived superiority of bottled water, it is now becoming the hip, eco-friendly thing to tote your own reusable bottle filled with good old-fashioned tap water.
Encountering plastics in the Caribbean
by Jan Lundberg   
29 March 2008
Culture Change Letter #182 -- One would hope that the plastic disaster depicted in the award-winning documentary "Our Synthetic Sea" would be mainly in the northern Pacific Ocean, the film's area of research. But no, you suspect that there really are monsters under your own bed, and not just "out there" in a horror-movie locale. You're right.
Plastic disaster breaks through to mainstream: scandal over bisphenol-A
by Jan Lundberg   
22 March 2008
Culture Change Letter #180 -- Our country is at a pivotal point in public health policy as it relates to our petroleum lifestyle. The implications cover consumerism's dead(ly) end and the demise of cheap energy from fossil fuels.

Bisphenol-A is the basic component of hard plastics that include baby bottles, linings of food cans, sealants for jars and bottles, and other well-known products that modern people have become dependent on. After several years of news stories about scientific studies and a few legislative attempts to ban or regulate bisphenol-A and other poisonous plastics, a scandal has just emerged involving U.S. government favoritism for corporate perpetrators.

The teeming plasticized masses' awakening
by Jan Lundberg   
04 May 2007
Culture Change Letter #158 -- Curious to check on any news on plastic bag bans or bag fees, I did a Google search for plastic bags to complement Culture Change's new story on Berkeley's joining San Francisco's lead. I was amazed that there were roughly three dozen stories from around the world in the twenty-four hour period up to May 4. These stories were about the problems and future of plastic bags, and did not, for example, include the usual stories about crimes committed with plastic bags.
Plastics are on the run in San Francisco, the nation’s anti-petroleum capital
by Jan Lundberg   
29 March 2007
Culture Change Letter # 156 -- Come this fall, almost no one in San Francisco will be collecting plastic bags -- that are almost never recycled. These bags clog the City’s waste system and contaminate its compost program. The ban on petroleum-plastic shopping bags is in addition to the City’s recent styrofoam container ban and an imminent ban on phthalates (and eventually bisphenol-A) for children’s products. Let’s hear it for the City by the Bay and a small core of public servants and citizen activists.
Plastic Bag Reduction Ordinance, San Francisco
by Jan Lundberg   
11 March 2007

Culture Change Letter #155

Will compostible-bag substitution accomplish what fees on plastic bags could, at least in the progressive California city of San Francisco? Probably, if the non-petroleum content and biodegradability of the new bags, and the use of reusable cloth bags, are maximized. This reporter believes a worthy goal can be met here starting this spring.

The plastic plague is still growing and out of control, with the ecosystem and our lives in the balance. Targeting bags is a place to start modifying the unconscious behavior of consumers and the conscious pollution by huge retailers.

Two years ago, the City of San Francisco was poised to become the first municipality in North America to enact an ordinance to place a fee on petroleum-plastic bags given out at supermarket checkout stands. But the liberal Mayor, lobbied by plastics-industry and megagrocer-industry interests, scuttled the legislation despite massive and widespread support.

plastics in cars / powerful haikus / announcements
by Jan Lundberg   
15 January 2006
Enjoy this mixed bag that is Culture Change Letter # 121

Dear readers,

Too much to share with you to force you to wait for my nearly completed short story, The Trojan Horse Sisters. So here's miscellaneous stuff that has grabbed my attention. I hope the new year is starting out great for you. I've started it with a fast, completing 18 days on just water on January 14. Had to get some plastics et al out of my system and re-energize myself for another Amtrak Petrocollapse Tour. Let me know if you want me to come through your town. Peak oil awareness is on the rise!

Plastics in car worse than even in your kitchen?

The Plastic Generation's transformation and the demise of the religion of techno-worship
by Jan Lundberg   
31 July 2005
Culture Change Letter 107 - August 2, 2005

The people are being murdered but they don't know how. "Surely, the chemicals and radiation that fetuses and children are exposed to are safe, or else they wouldn't be allowed, right?" This convenient attitude seems to belong to the majority, who indeed have little choice.

Yet, the idea that the world was flat was common enough until dispelled, and the Christian church's view of the solar system was trashed as well. Those flips in world view are considered historically momentous, but an even greater departure, perhaps, from conventional thinking and spirituality is about to occur in our lifetimes. The coming changes in dominant viewpoints will accompany an involuntary, massive, radical shift to living within the sharply reduced bounty of the natural environment.

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