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26 May 2024
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Growing Your Own Grains
by Peter Goodchild   
01 November 2009
Most of what are called grains are members of the grass family, which has the scientific name of Gramineae or Poaceae. Grains are the most important plants in human diet, contributing most of the carbohydrates as well as a certain amount of protein, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Generally speaking, grains are quite undemanding in terms of soil or weather.
Anthropoclastic Climate Change
by Dmitry Orlov   
01 November 2009
When I published the previous article about the ever-more-dire forecasts of ocean level rise, little did I know that I was blundering into the midst of a "climate change debate." But then many readers reacted to this article by making comments to the effect that "climate change is a hoax" or that I am "just like Al Gore." Since that article reviews and attempts to interpret of some of the most authoritative, conservative and consensus-based scientific reports available, it should not have given rise to any controversy at all.
350-Day's Reflection: Gaia University Saves The Day
by Jan Lundberg   
25 October 2009
"I went down to the demonstration to get my fair share of abuse." (from the Stones' You Can't Always Get What You Want). It was as nice a day as Portland, Ore. could hope for for a rally, and there was no abuse. This movement threatens no one. One reason is that the size of the crowd coming out for the well-orchestrated "350" climate protection global day of protest was minimal, considering the scope of the threat we're addressing.
Wealth is a System of Concentration
by Chuck Burr   
17 October 2009
ImageWealth is not what we are taught. Wealth is not stuff; it is a fiercely protected system of concentration. Wealth is a verb, not a noun. It is the act of the hoarding, and is a key pillar of our culture.

The Agricultural Revolution: The “Dominion Revolution”

This system was invented by one tribe in the fertile crescent 10,000 years ago during an event called the Agricultural Revolution.

U.S. Peak Oil Conference Conflicted Amidst The Oil Recession
by Jan Lundberg   
14 October 2009
Upon the first global recession influenced by the peaking of oil extraction and record high prices, the question for "peak oilers" arises: does peak oil and energy decline mean great profits for modernizing industry, or is peak oil the beginning of huge changes in lifestyle toward sustainability after societal collapse?

Those were the two main concerns at play at the fifth annual meeting of the U.S. chapter of the Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas (ASPO-USA), in Denver, Oct. 11-13.

W.R. Grace Inc.'s Prior Knowledge of Risks of Asbestosis Ignored in Federal Court
by moth   
04 October 2009
ImageThis report will attempt to show that several corporate officers employed by W.R. Grace Inc., the defendants in a recent federal trial in Missoula, Montana were engaged in acts of criminal conspiracy to commit negligent homicide against their workers at the W.R. Grace's Zonolite brand vermiculite plant in Libby, Montana during several decades.
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