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13 June 2024
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Radiation Dangers Allowed to Proliferate for the Consumer
by Roger Herried   
11 March 2009
ImageEditor's note: Radiation issues are more than nuclear power and weapons related. We report on tritium and wireless as well.
To Feel Lucky as Collapse Progresses / Tom Friedman's Awakening
by Jan Lundberg   
09 March 2009
Culture Change Letter #240 - Slow collapse is what we need, if possible. As bad as this seems, "So far so good." The kind of fast collapse from a massive interruption in oil supplies is much harder to handle.

The system is teetering on many levels, and there are uncertainties, but fall it will.

The Zero Carbon Caravan: Sail and Bike to Copenhagen!
by Chris Keene   
07 March 2009
ImageThe world stands at a crossroads. One way continues with business as usual and ends up with abrupt climate change causing the premature deaths of hundreds of millions, if not billions of people, and the extinction of many of the world’s plant and animal species.
Hummer Hamburgers, Climate-Bomb Cows, Meat-Eating Enviros, World Meat Production
by various authors   
07 March 2009
ImageToday's growing obsession with meat consumption must not be conveniently forgotten as we grapple with larger scary issues of climate extinction and economic crash -- for "it is all one," as our enlightened selves must be mindful of.
Socialism with Chinese Characteristics
by David West   
06 March 2009
Ideas about communism, as held in the west, are somewhat different from the ideas about communism as held in the east.

I would like to mention some of the positive things that I am experiencing as I have lived and worked in China for the last five years.

by Albert Bates   
05 March 2009
Image "[E]xisting levels of production... are now threatened by the environmental fragility of the natural resource base and the unsustainability of existing farming practices." - The International Monetary Fund, to Zimbabwe, ten years ago

We recall a visit to Zimbabwe in the late 1990s, when that country had become one of the world's bright microeconomic lights

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