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05 December 2023
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Europe's Affluence Out On a Limb [an American's letter from Europe]
by Jan Lundberg   
27 July 2012
ImageThe time for a revolution of a deeper sort comes when the imbalance of unequal sharing of the land and its resources reaches the ultimate crisis point. People don't want to contemplate this, but at least the unprecedented socioeconomic disintegration ahead will be the portal to achieving real sustainability.

This will occur despite any redistribution of present wealth through compassionate reforms or wrenching de-classism. For the hour is too late ecologically. This applies to the entire modern industrialized world.

Exxon Valdez, now called Oriental Nicety, is among toxic ships threatening India's beaches
by Basel Action Network   
21 June 2012
Image[Editor's note: And you thought the Exxon Valdez met its end in Water World at the hands of Kevin Costner and Dennis Hopper. You thought wrong!]

U.S. Ship Disposal Policy Called 'Shameful' following Export of 'Exxon Valdez' and 'Delaware Trader' to Indian Beaches
Obama Administration Ignores U.S. Law, Poisons Asian Workers, While Exporting Good U.S. Jobs

The 2012/Aliens/Consciousness Movement: a potential New-Age Tea Party?
by Jan Lundberg   
29 May 2012
Image I'm gaga for Gaia, which I don't expect many modern consumers to relate to. So it's harder for me to point a finger at anyone believing in scientifically unproven ideas. But I draw a line between spiritual experiences and claims such as "aliens are among us and are here to raise humanity's consciousness because it's 2012."

Such were my biases when I covered the New Living Expo in San Francisco, Calif., April 27-29 this year at the massive Concourse Exhibition Center.

In search of the new normal -- radio series The Conversation; Jan Lundberg, episode 6, May 18, 2012
by Jan Lundberg   
28 May 2012
ImagePlay the show at

Reporter and commentator Aengus Anderson is motorcycling around the U.S. this summer with microphones and a recording machine. He contacted Jan Lundberg for an interview in April and said, "I will be traveling America in search of ideas that are out of the mainstream today but may inform the common sense of tomorrow."

Good news? Global sea level likely to rise as much as 70 feet for future generations
by Jan Lundberg   
24 March 2012
Something provocative for one and all -- but global-warming deniers should not take offense, despite their cherished wealth machinery disparaged herein, for they say sea level rise is BS.

An amusing interview with a climate activist and alternative energy businessman who requested anonymity.

A Science Daily article on March 19, 2012 reported a new study published in the journal Geology that depressed everybody who was paying attention.

The Deplorax or: The Lorax Goes Hollywood (poem)
by Gar Smith   
07 March 2012
ImageGar Smith, environmental journalist, amused us with "My review of The Lorax (with apologies to Dr. Seuss)"

My name is the Lorax and I speak for the trees.
So how'd I get sucked up in Hollywood sleaze?
My message was lost in the Stremulous Stream!
Even Swomee-swans told me to "Get with the Team!"

The Grinch (who stole Christmas) got all the attention
Why TV? Why Movies? Why all this Big Mention?
Because he's defeated, so Whos can start shopping!
But me? I'm ignored because I'd stop chopping.

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