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It is within our power – even the Unknown Consumer’s!
by Jan Lundberg   
28 October 2005
Culture Change Letter #113 

This essay continues addressing U.S. system failure by examining power of the individual that can be combined in community.  After unveiling The Unknown Consumer, this essay's analysis contains the quetion, "Is it possible to salvage the U.S. experiment, given its advance into decline and chaos?" (After you finish this Culture Change Letter, click on our Forum section to post a comment.)

Energy Decline
by Anna Semlyen   
28 October 2005
Poetry from the British Isles about peak oil
A Way Out of Iraq: Relocalize Economic Life
by Aaron G. Lehmer   
28 October 2005
In this guest column, activist Aaron Lehmer makes plain the hopeless game plan of dominating oil supplies in the Middle East, against the backdrop of peak oil.  His vision of relocalizing our economies, in ways that bring us all closer to one another and with all life, is as practical as it is spiritual.  - JL

Any lingering delusions about the nobility of the Iraq War were shattered in late October with former State Dept. Chief of Staff Lawrence Wilkerson's admission that the Bush team had seriously considered launching military operations to seize oilfields throughout the Middle East. Thankfully, only Iraq has managed to be the test case for such insanity -- at least for now.
System failure requires visionary opposition movement
by Jan Lundberg   
17 October 2005
Culture Change Letter #112  

The failure of the system and of the nation's leaders means that a course-correction is too late at this time.  What we can do is prepare the lifeboats and eliminate toxic cultural baggage for the voyage "home." 

The U.S. government is aware of the crisis to the degree readers of this column are, as this report will show.  Just as bad as "keeping a lid on it" is the absence of any realistic mitigation that can help people and the environment survive petrocollapse.

The increasing chance of our extinction due to extreme climate change is as outrageous as the social injustice that’s allowed to continue without meeting resistance.  But the mind of industry and even "progressives" seems to favor denial right to the end.  This is why I propose a visionary opposition movement to implement lifestyle change toward a new culture. 

September was the hottest September on record.  There is no more time to lose being mesmerized by entrenched institutions and their distractions.

Petrocollapse for change of culture - Jan Lundberg speaks at Manhattan peak oil conference, Oct. 5
by Jan Lundberg   
04 October 2005
The Petrocollapse Conference
The Community Church of New York, Unitarian Universalist on October 5, 2005

[Culture Change Letter #111]

Many in this audience have done their homework on the basics of peak oil. I will summarize the concept and offer evidence, very briefly. Then I will quickly move on to the larger issues at hand highlighted by peak oil. I've given a lot of talks lately, all ad lib, but this one I must read.

I wrote this on the train here, as poor as this country’s rail service is. Besides poor subsidies, Amtrak has to be sidelined frequently by freight trains unpredictably. But reflection and making notes have flowed from my tour around the country by rail, the nation’s safest, most energy efficient and least polluting motorized transport. Out the windows I saw nature mostly raped and buried, and in the train I lamented the artificial and toxic environment I was breathing in.

Since I stopped analyzing the petroleum market on a daily basis in 1988, I have observed other aspects of our world and learned far more about petroleum and energy after leaving the industry.

The main lesson from Katrina for our petrosociety
by Jan Lundberg   
13 September 2005
Culture Change Letter #110

This essay delves into not only our petrosociety's energy vulnerability and outmoded economy, but also examines the government's apparent whitewash of the environmental situation in New Orleans.

Much has been said about the consequences of Katrina, an event for which there was little preparedness or "government compassion." Among the meanings of the whole experience: a wealthy society's betrayal of poor people and minorities, damage to the energy industries' ability to maintain production and distribution, and environmental devastation that will endure because of toxic spills. However, there's little indication that many people have grasped the main lesson of Katrina.

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