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29 January 2022
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Denial of Nature’s Limits is the Problem
by Aaron G. Lehmer-Chang   
23 September 2013
ImagePublisher's note: This article from World Shift Vision is what the New York Times should run, instead of the nonsense it ran that is addressed so well here.

This month, The New York Times published a fantastical piece on human exceptionalism entitled “Overpopulation Is Not The Problem,” in which author Erle C. Ellis claimed that human societies have no limits to their growth. That’s right — limits are merely an illusion. Expansion über alles! That’s our species’ birthright, and rightful destiny.

Are Progressives Barking up the Wrong Tree for $ocial Ju$tice?
by Jan Lundberg   
22 September 2012
ImageThe Occupy movement refreshingly broke through the corporate media's suppression of the gaping gap between the wealth of the super rich and the rest of us. But many of the movement's adherents seem wedded to misguided expectations, or their route is questionable. For when we mainly demand "a piece of the pie," and it's the same old toxic pie, does this really advance the fundamental changes needed for a just, sustainable society?

Probably not, even if we stand for totally turning around today's warped federal spending priorities.

Social Justice: Too little and Too Late to Demand More Pay and Better Jobs? (Part 2)
by Jan Lundberg   
05 May 2011
When the Titanic is in view of the giant iceberg, is it the moment to start reforming shipping practices? When Fukushima has blown, is it time to ponder how to better power the industrial economy? Is it not instead imperative in both cases to reverse course or sharply turn away? Clearly, we need to keep our eye on the ball, and keep from being distracted by fear tactics: headlines about Qadhafi, bin Laden and the next boogeyman.
Transportation-Jobs and the Agenda for Overt Over-Consuming
by Jan Lundberg   
13 October 2010
ImageWhether we listen to President Obama, Paul Krugman, Robert Samuelson, the Republicans, Tea Party-ers, or liberal progressives, they all want more “jobs,” a “recovery,” and “prosperity.” As long as lust for “growth” prevails, and the approved social critics also ignore the nature of the system and its collapse, then the runaway train of unprecedented chaos and ecosystem destruction is only accelerating.
Digital Nation? No Thanks!
by Peter Crabb   
08 June 2010
One of the brilliant insights in Daniel Quinn’s 1992 novel Ishmael is that modern industrialized people do not know how to live. Humans have long been cut off from the contingencies of nature, first as a consequence of discovering the wholly unnatural skill of growing reliable food supplies in one place, and later as a side effect of learning how to manufacture wholly unnatural objects and environments. The resulting alienation from nature and from our ancestors’ nature-adapted ways of life left us clueless and susceptible to being sold ideas about how people should live, usually by the most audacious psychopath in the group.
Diversity dead-end: Inclusiveness without accountability
by Robert Jensen   
19 April 2010

After a recent talk on racism and other illegitimate hierarchies at a diversity conference in Dallas, I received a letter from one of the people who had attended that asked "why you feel it necessary to perpetuate and even exacerbate the divisiveness of language when addressing a group of people assembled to learn how to live better together and be more accepting of differences?" He suggested that by being so sharply critical, I was part of the problem not the solution

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