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04 October 2022
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The Depression Has Come - Let's Finish the Job, Right
by Jan Lundberg   
05 January 2009
Critical Comment - Culture Change Letter #227 - The New York Times made my day when it reported on the state of the economy and world trade on January 3, after the first business day of the new year. We won't see a corporate media headline of "Depression Cuts Greenhouse Gases Drastically" or "This is What Petrocollapse Looks Like" very soon because not enough people see the interconnections of history's trends on energy and limits. But I'll take what I can get for some winter good cheer.
Tennessee Coal-Waste Disaster and a New Approach
by Jan Lundberg   
27 December 2008
ImageCulture Change Letter #224 Notions such as "clean" solar and wind power on a massive scale for a renewable-energy panacea, and the idea that roads are a good thing, are why idiocy and tragedy continue. The doomed petroleum infrastructure is just one reason, and all are ignored by our society wearing blinders. We're the animal that errs -- the incorrectly named homo sapiens sapiens. And when we consider "clean coal" or "clean cars" homo idiotus comes to my mind (someone correct my Latin).
Technofixers-Compromisers' Self-Limited Options at Dawn of Obama Eco-Era
by Jan Lundberg   
25 November 2008
Culture Change Letter #217, Nov. 25, 2008 - In letting the "conservatives" help define priorities as the Washington, D.C. policy battleground is set, funded environmentalists often feel they must play by polluters' (and government's) rules. As we see from the excited memo below from Environmental Defense Fund, the economy is right up there with "stopping" global warming. Jobs are made the priority in a green agenda, even if this approach isn't green enough to suit ecological reality.

The current, hottest (and so revealing) rant for the fading American Dream
by Jan Lundberg   
24 November 2008
Culture Change Letter #215, Nov. 24, 2008 - Get Happy! Maybe you need a beautifully crafted justification of the crumbling American Dream, to keep you sharp and see how many times you recoil. The essay below has been attributed to David Letterman, but previously to Jay Leno. It was crafted into its full form by a Craig R. Smith of the right-wing, Christian, buy-gold-now But it's circulating via the internet with the attribution to Letterman and "his" anti-Bush preface seamlessly tacked on.
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