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Energy and Survival
Rejoining Gaia: Restore Our Ecosystem Symbiosis
by Chuck Burr   
21 January 2009
This new essay is followed by the great story of Masanobu "One Straw Revolution" Fukuoka. Image
The first step to solving a problem is admitting to it. To change, use different thinking than what created the problem. How do we get from “our lifestyle is not negotiable” to living a mutually beneficial lifestyle for us and our ecosystem?
Peak-oil activist approach for the coming change in culture
by Jan Lundberg   
20 January 2009
This column was first published in the Peak Oil Review by the Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas - USA chapter, and picked up by the Energy Bulletin, January 19, 2009.
Culture Change Letter #229 - Peak oil is something to heed more today than ever, no matter where crude oil and gasoline prices go or what they may do to oil consumption. Peak-oil awareness has risen greatly in recent years, but this has not resulted in wide understanding of energy in our fast changing world of mounting crises and distractions.
A Better Way of Making a Living For Humanity
by Chuck Burr   
01 January 2009
ImageWe are no more able to find our way forward living as Homo modern as we are living as Homo hunter-gatherer. Both ways are blocked. Living today on the infinite growth treadmill as Homo modern results in the death of our planet. Homo sapiens has exploded our population to a level that we can no longer run back into the forest to make a living like the Mayan did. So what are we to do?
Dissolve the U.S.: an Option for Proactive Change before Collapse
by Jan Lundberg   
18 December 2008
Will Obama be a Greater Gorbachev?
Culture Change Letter #221 - Housing starts in the U.S. are down 47% as of 13 months ago. Prices of commodities, not just oil, are falling because of job losses unseen since 1947. Oil is still very costly when subsidies are included. The prior recoveries from recessions were from bubbles: dot com and housing speculation -- when oil extraction was still rising. Now peak money has come and gone. Climate disasters have barely begun. So to deny we're slipping on a downward slope is getting harder, and more of us are wondering about the uncertain outcome.
End Power and Reduce Scale
by Chuck Burr   
14 December 2008
ImageDuring the agricultural revolution 10,000 years ago, a minority of people invented a way to give themselves power over the majority. We call this invention “civilization.” Others like Neil Kramer call it the “control system.”

For the first time large surpluses of food could be created, counted, and concentrated. Before that we had limited forms of agriculture and animal husbandry. But this time it was different.

Survivalism: for Peak Oilers and Ecotopians Too?
by Jerry Erwin, Portland Peak Oil   
24 November 2008
As a peak oiler myself since 2002, I have often wondered why most of the prominent peak oil authors and activists dismiss the survivalist movement.

It seems that many of the peak oil heavyweights, including Richard Heinberg and Dmitry Orlov, in particular, despite their own ingenious contributions to analyzing our current predicament, seem to blithely dismiss survivalism. They apparently do not understand the basic technical constructs of survivalism, such as the military skill sets, weapons, and organization that go into survivalism.

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