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26 May 2024
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Energy and Survival
Ice Wars: Burn the riches beneath melting Arctic sea
by Lily Dayton   
15 July 2011
ImageFossil fuels are melting the Arctic, which is giving us access to more fossil fuels that will melt the Arctic more.

When CNN correspondent Kaj Larsen had the opportunity to head to the North Pole to report on geopolitical events that are surfacing as global warming, causing the Arctic ice to melt, he looked to his roots to help him tell the story.

Nuclear Roulette: new book puts a nail in coffin of nukes
by Jan Lundberg   
10 July 2011
Fukushima explosion
Activists are suspicious of "studying the problem" that puts off action in favor of endless talk (or publishing). Culture Change went beyond studying the problem soon after its founding in 1988: action and advocacy must get to the root of the crises to assure a livable future. Also, information overload and a diet of bad news kills much activism. So it's hard to find reading material to strongly recommend. But the new book Nuclear Roulette: The Case Against the "Nuclear Renaissance" is must-have if one is fighting nukes today.
Nebraska’s Nuclear Legacy and My Electric Car
by Bill Moore   
28 June 2011
It is America's smallest nuclear power station. Until recently, most people had never heard of the 476 MW pressurized water reactor nestled into a bend on the turgid Missouri 20 miles north of downtown Omaha, Nebraska. Apart from the power plant, the tiny hamlet's only other claim to fame is that briefly in the 1820s it was an U.S. Army outpost on the fringe of the vast new territory Lewis and Clark had explored a decade earlier for the Jefferson Administration.
The Unraveling of Nuclear Energy
by Tony Pereira   
27 June 2011
Barsebäck in Sweden
About three decades ago, the Swedes considered the risks of nuclear energy, added up the costs and did the math. What they found was that the astronomical amounts that the Swedish economy was paying in subsidies to produce electricity from nuclear energy far exceeded what they were getting out of it. Swedes aren’t dumb, and voted in a national referendum to shut down and decommission all their nuclear energy reactors by 2010. The Swedish nuclear weapons program had already been terminated early on when Sweden signed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty in 1968.
Nebraska nukes: Missouri River Meltdown Monitor with videos / editorial
by Roger Herried   
27 June 2011
The time is right for sinking the nuclear beast, peacefully -- mini-editorial

Just a few months following the Fukushima nuke disaster, followed by the reaction of 4 out ot 5 Japanese to reject nuclear power henceforth, we now have two Nebraska nuclear stations in danger of getting out of control.

At this watershed time in history the scam of unfathomably dangerous nuclear power is unraveling. Now the Associated Press has done a damning investigation on the total joke of possible evacuation around U.S. nuke plants.

Time's Running Out to Stop the Keystone Tar Sands Pipeline -- Take Action Now
by Tara Lohan   
04 June 2011
Image The disastrous mining of tar sands in Alberta has wreaked havoc on the environment and communities in northern Canada, not to mention its massive emissions of CO2. Of course the hopelessly oil-addicted US wants in on the action, too.

A proposed pipeline, Keystone XL, will pump the dirty oil through six US states, risking the drinking water of over 2 million people.

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