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25 February 2024
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Energy and Survival
Can the world run on renewables, nuclear energy and geo-sequestration? The negative case
by Ted Trainer   
23 June 2010
Editor's note: This article is a summary of a new paper published in Energy Policy, available at For a detailed discussion of renewable energy's limits see Renewable energy – Cannot sustain an energy-intensive society. The author told Culture Change, "Central in the delusion system moving us to the brink is the unquestioned faith that renewables can preserve affluence and the growth society; it is extremely difficult to get anyone to think about this."
More Accidents Await with President Obama’s Errant Energy Policies
by Brent Blackwelder   
21 June 2010
ImagePresident Obama triumphantly entered office with the popular promise of moving the United States to a cleaner energy basis, but his actions to date, along with those of the Congress, have promoted two types of dangerous energy developments: off-shore oil drilling and nuclear reactors.
Americans, with 100 ‘energy servants’ each, share blame for Gulf oil spill
by Sarah (Steve) Mosko   
18 June 2010
There’s no shortage of finger pointing as the now worst oil spill in U.S. history continues its assault on the Gulf Coast’s ecology and economy.

A USA TODAY/Gallop Poll taken in late May, for example, found that 73 percent of Americans feel that BP (British Petroleum) is doing a ‘poor’ or ‘very poor’ job of handling the crisis, and 60 percent evaluated the federal government’s response in the same unfavorable terms.

Gulf Gusher and the Price of Oil and Gasoline
by Jan Lundberg, oil industry analyst   
05 June 2010
Culture Change was asked about the impact from the Gulf oil gusher on the price of gasoline in 6 months, 12 months and 18 months from now:

It might be an interesting question for debate, with many possible opinions. There are too many variables to make forecasts with any certainty, so prognosticators would have to exclude all but one or two factors. There are these non-textbook questions: Will hurricanes wreak havoc? Will there be migration and refugees from the Gulf? Could a BP bankruptcy result, triggering broader corporate failures? The dismantling of BP or the massive downsizing and selling off of its assets are possible if criminal penalties plus anticipated fines prove as devastating for the corporation as its behavior has been for the Gulf of Mexico.

Energy Use in the US & Global Agri-Food Systems: Implications for Sustainable Agriculture
by Shirin Wertime   
05 June 2010
During the 20th century, access to cheap and abundant sources of energy helped transform the world in countless ways. Extraction of fossil fuels led to a massive expansion in economic growth and agricultural production, and was one of the bases of a six-fold increase in human population. Petroleum, the most sought after fossil fuel, had the largest role in this transformation.
Oil Gusher in Gulf: Energy Gluttony, not Oil Addiction, is Greater Challenge
by Jan Lundberg   
05 May 2010
It's crazy that everyone was blindsided by the unprecedented BP oil rig explosion and oil well disaster, when it or a similar event had to happen eventually. Indeed, we now have a "new" wrinkle for petrocollapse. Petrocollapse has mostly referred to the effects of peak oil, but all is ecological in the final analysis.

Most people paying attention to the world at large know that millions of gallons of crude oil have been loosed, still gushing uncontrollably, threatening not only the Gulf of Mexico but beyond. Our report suggests more than clean-up and better oversite: the Committee Against Oil Exploration.

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