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25 February 2024
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Energy and Survival
One Second After: A Book Review from a Prepper's Perspective
by Jerry Erwin   
02 July 2009
ImageThe new, apocalyptic novel One Second After deals with an extremely fast crash, being that of an EMP, or Electromagnetic Pulse attack on the United States.
The Slope of Dysfunction
by Dmitry Orlov   
27 June 2009
Image...the most clear case yet that petrocollapse is beginning"
Trajectories: A Smithsonian Ramble
by Albert Bates   
27 June 2009
ImageConvergence on Zero Conference
Baird Auditorium, Washington DC
June 26, 2009

Trying to come to grips with what function this ramble is intended to serve in a Convergence on Zero context, I have concluded that I am sort of like the Woman on the Edge of Time, to borrow Marge Pearcy's term — someone who has journeyed to the future and come back.
Post Internet Journalism and the Assumption that Energy is Unlimited
by Jan Lundberg   
25 June 2009
It is true that the Internet has challenged the newspaper business like nothing else. The Internet has also changed social networking and activist organizing. But we must also see beyond the Internet, a system that banks on the notion of unlimited non-renewable resources for computers, power generation, and shipping through petroleum. The Internet also operates on anonymity or the potential for it, as little face-to-face communication is required. Is that really the future?
"Oil and Indians Don't Mix" and Other Observations
by Culture Change / Greg Palast   
12 June 2009
ImageWhen I used to serve the major oil companies, I had the sincere notion that they consisted of honorable gentlemen. I anticipated and received good treatment for our family business that served the marketing end
A Better Way of Making a Living
by Chuck Burr   
09 June 2009
ImageNote: this essay was revised for Culture Change from the original with the same title. -- Editor

Making a living in our modern culture usually requires that you participate in the destruction of the world. We can't go back to Homo hunter-gatherer. Is there another way forward?
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