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22 February 2024
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Senators hear about effects of changing oceans... and consider more oil drilling
by Les Blumenthal   
09 July 2009
[About ocean acidification:] "It's crazy they are discussing more drilling," said Sen. Maria Cantwell, D-Wash., suggesting the real priority needs to be slowing or halting what could be irreversible damage to oceans from climate change. "It's incredibly important, and we need to get a handle on it."
The Garden: Los Angeles urban farmers struggle against corporate interests
by Culture Change   
06 July 2009
ImageThe Garden, a film by Scott Hamilton Kennedy, vividly reveals a world of healthy community gardening forgotten by many urban dwellers, fighting the encroachment of backroom political deals, ...
New forest protection actions in Borneo and Cameroon need help
by Elisheva Wiriaatmadja and Rhett A. Butler   
24 June 2009
ImageAlong with Australia, the Indonesian government is hoping to turn a deforestation disaster in Borneo island into a global lesson on how to help locals save tropical forests. And an 830,000-hectare tract of rainforest in Cameroon has been granted by the government a 30-day reprieve from logging following the discovery of large populations of lowland gorillas, forest elephants, mandrills, and chimpanzees.
Tell Congress that the American Clean Energy and Security Act is not strong enough
by Kieran Suckling   
21 June 2009
Would you flip a coin to determine whether hundreds of thousands of species live or die? How about whether hundreds of millions of people are displaced and forced to live in misery?
Affluenza: the dangerous worldwide pandemic
by Culture Change   
12 June 2009
Brand names, corporate logos, behavioral patterns, entrainment of the masses by corporate media - these are the components of a virus that is now driving cultural behavior worldwide, but precious remaining resources necessary for survival are being decimated.

The consumerism meme is now infecting the lifestyles of young people in China, where 400 million are now on the path to unsustainable consumerism.
Paintings and Poems: Eco-warriors and Freedom Gardens
by Jane Evershed   
05 June 2009
ImageIn vibrant colors, forms and rhyme, one of Jane Evershed's paintings and poems calls out the perceptions, wisdom and mission of the Eco-warriors. In Sustain, one is presented with the choice between slavery and living off the grid by taking the first step of gardening.
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