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21 May 2022
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by Jan Lundberg   
21 December 2007

Greetings readers of Culture Change, on the Solstice! Over the Holidays and thereafter you can look forward to these hard-hitting and sometimes uplifting essays and reports:

• "Financial meltdown: one of the new Four Horsemen arrives"
A financial-markets observer connects the subprime crisis with interrelated factors and deeper socioeconomic contradictions that are converging for the perfect storm.
by Igor Stalew

• "The new age of sail: where theory and reality meet"
by Dmitry Orlov

• "How we've made ourselves into abstractions" (part one)
• "Now we are human commodities" (part two)
• "Relearning what we have forgotten" (part three)
by Chris Maser, scientist, author, and consultant on environmental land-use development/sustainable communities/forestry

• "Solar-system's habitable zone closes in as CO2 levels rise"
The sun continues to get hotter, while the Earth's safety depends on reducing greenhouse-gas composition in the atmosphere.
by William Le Bon

• "Reinventing Collapse -- book review and profile of author Dmitry Orlov"
by Kevin Capp

• "Not many of us are going to make it"
Consumerism in the face of climate trends, and how songs reflect our eco-times
by Jan Lundberg

• "Banning plastic water bottles: a return to sanity"
Are bioplastics going to muddy the waters, as they did with Bay Area bag bans?
by Jan Lundberg

NEW PROJECT: Culture Change is taking one of its most significant turns in its 19-year history, early in the new year. We have hit upon another way to get our message out, in sync with the times: not just in regard to ecological reality and what ought to be done, but with an approach that acknowledges where people are at in their thinking, their businesses, and place in their communities. Stay tuned and watch for a new Menu item on soon.

WHAT ELSE IS NEW at Culture Change: We have been injecting a little realism into the biofuels frenzy by referring various players to our information resources. Also: as the San Francisco Peak Oil Preparedness Task Force is now underway, Jan Lundberg (a member) intends to assure the public is offered an interactive debate on the technofix for the energy crisis. Meanwhile, Culture Change is helping to organize The Big One, a huge grass-roots convergence for sustainable living in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park next June. Lastly, our anti-plastics activism continues on the local level with an eye to national and state opportunities.

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