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29 November 2023
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by Greg Jalbert   
02 October 2008

Jane Evershed's epic painting, Earthlings Triumphant, Corpor-Aliens Vanquished?, features the crisis clash between those that respect and celebrate Earth's ecology versus the corporate money and power-addicts that have created so much destruction on Earth.


Explore this painting through a sequence of details of scenes in the big picture.

Earthlings vs the Corpor-aliens. Ink and oils on wood. Donated to Women Against Military Madness. Sep. 2008

Follow the story of the painting through Jane's poetry and commentary:

Corpor-aliens vs. Earthlings

The banksters
Are worse than
Your average gangsters,
They are the Corpor-aliens
Who print and mint
The money we need to survive,
Which they can, on a whim,
Send into a nose-dive.

The Corpor-alien’s GOD
Stands for Gold Oil and Diamonds,
Which they create the right to take
Through unregulated interest loans
That they set up and make

That can never be repaid
Giving them license and a stake
In all the sovereign nations of the world
And in your bed to o
When you awake.

And soon they will be
Under your skin, literally,
They plan to mark you
With their Corpor-alien Inc
The microchip from
The hell on earth
They wish to create

By controlling all things earthly
Like you and me
Whom they seek to regulate.
And if earth is actually all Heart
(If you move the “H” back to the start.)

They will never be able
To turn us off or on
Or steal from us
Our rightful earthly fun.

The concept of being an earthling becomes more and more remote every day and when, and if, the conspirators of the new world order are successful in selling their chip to us in the name of security we will all become their automatons and forget what it was like to ever have been an earthling. The interrelationship between corporations and war profiteers to control the masses globally through finances, fear and ferreting out our personal information has reached a crisis point. The earthlings in this epic battle are using the strength of love, deep earth intuition, and other wily ways to fend off this fascist elitist cabal's relentless encroachment into all things sacred. One cannot bring darkness into the light, but it is easy to bring light into the darkness.

The damage they have wreaked is irreversible with absolutely no regard at all for anything in, on, or above the earth and is as heinous a crime as is possible on earth. This ruination of what is rightfully the commons of all sentient beings of earth, sky and water, leads me to believe that these "people" cannot possibly be of this earth. They see, they salivate, they gouge, they steal, they ruin everything around them without conscience, and if they DO have a conscience, then by definition they are evil incarnate and MUST be stopped before this earth is left a pillaged wasteland of nuclear fallout.

The Clash of the Corporaliens and the Earthlings, earthlings move forward with light energy.

Leaf man, fish and Beluga follow the treesitters into the fray.

With no conscience and no soul, only metal and machinery, the corpor-aliens are slowly subdued by earth energy.

Headless tree and leaf gimp in to the clash against toxic poisoning.

One eyed hypocrite popeman reveals the blood on his hands from all the wars fought in the name of religion. His little genetically mutated follower waits at his beck and call.

The treesitters on the front lines go full force with earth energy.

Bahotep of the Masonic order, wearing his shield of the all seeing eye and other illuminati symbolism. There is a man made spaceship hovering in the background to create fear of an extraterrestrial attack.

Beluga takes up the defense position summonsing tsunami force energy to quell the sonars for good.

We Are of This Earth

We are in the wind,
We are in the trees,
Everything on earth
Is made of you and me,
Look with awe,
Upon natures ingenuity,
For there is nowhere else,
For us to be,
And if humanity were to perish,
Earth would flourish,
So listen for earths gentle whispers
Of wisdom
Listen to her stormy shrieks
Do you hear her speak?

More Jane Evershed Art









Jane Evershed has launched her new socially conscious art web site featuring Edu-Creation for Students and many more interesting art wares. addresses the need for art and images during these trying times of humanity on earth.

She addresses with imagery and poetry the plight of our earth and humanity as a whole. She provides visual images to inspire and enlighten those people starving for inspiration and not having the time to read manifestos addressing the issues of today as they grapple with the task of surviving from day to day.

After discovering that educators from social studies professors to yoga teachers and students were using Jane's cards for various workshops and lesson plans Jane decided to put her own packet together for this purpose. The Edu-Creation teaching tool fills a gaping void in the education system of today that finds itself under funded in the arts across the board. Art and literature Edu-Creation lessons are available for purchase on the new web site at

Edu-Creation™ is an Educator's Evolutionary Creative Lesson Tool as it includes elements of inclusiveness and sources for sharing innermost dreams with loved ones. The lessons also extend beyond the boundaries of the classroom environment. Students will be guided through a process to jump start their creative writing and artistic skills using their own imaginations and interpretations fueled by the art and poetry on the cards.

Jane Evershed was awarded an Annenberg grant to teach art to students at Roosevelt High School in Minneapolis, the student's collective Peace Mural hangs in the Foyer and her art graces many a classroom across the nation. Her painting, Changing The World through Children was featured in Teaching Tolerance magazine. The Jane Evershed Card Collection has been distributed nationally since the 1990’s and a book of Jane’s art was published by Harper San Francisco in 1994. Since then Ms. Evershed has expanded the collection and worked diligently to create her ongoing philosophy behind over 20 years of painting, writing and public speaking. Please visit her online gallery at

See Jane Evershed's painting of tree-sitters in Culture Change: Berkeley tree-sitters extracted from destroyed UC oak grove

Human Rights, Earthlings Triumphant: Video on YouTube


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