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by Avaaz US Climate Action Factory   
29 July 2009
Right now, Hillary Clinton is weighing an important decision on America's clean energy future -- whether or not to support the proposed cross-border oil pipeline between the US and Canada. Email Secretary Clinton now, and tell her to reject permission for this dirty proposal and protect our climate future!

In the next few days, Secretary Hillary Clinton will make a critical decision on a giant cross-border oil pipeline between the US and Canada. The pipeline would carry one of the world's most destructive fuels: oil squeezed from Canada's tar sands. Clinton's choice will affect America and the world’s climate for decades to come -- either helping put the economy on a green-job, low-carbon track, or locking in decades of dirty, inefficient fossil fuels.

Powerful oil companies are lobbying hard, and Clinton’s decision hangs in the balance. But public attention is low--so a public outcry now from US citizens could make the difference in her decision. The Avaaz site makes it easy to urge Secretary Clinton to reject the pipeline -- just click the link below, enter your info, and hit the "send" button on the page:

Tar sand oil is nasty stuff. Creating a barrel of tar sand oil requires destroying ancient Canadian forests to make way for extraction; using 2-4 barrels of water and loads of natural gas to clean it (the water ends up on toxic ponds); displacing communities to lay pipeline across cultural heritage sites; risking thick and toxic oil spills -- and increasing rates of cancer from air pollution like heavy metals and sulphur given off during refinement.

This pipeline is part of a vast project that threatens to undermine our climate leadership, perpetuate our addiction to oil, pollute our air and water, threaten the Great Lakes, criss-cross the Northern Plains and Native American reservation -- and lock us in to a dirty- energy infrastructure for decades.

It's up to all of us to steer the United States towards a clean-energy future. The public's voice is needed now. Click below to urge Secretary Clinton not to grant any permits for the Alberta Clipper pipeline -- and then forward this message to friends and family!

Amidst the headlines-grabbing battles over climate legislation and global negotiations, the individual actions of nations and people are shaping the future of the planet. Sometimes our power is greatest when the battles are far from the public eye. But if we rise to every challenge, we can create an economy safe enough for everyone -- and for the earth that sustains us all.

With hope,

Ben, Iain, Taren, Ricken, and the Avaaz US Climate Action Factory team

For more information on Tar Sands and the Pipeline, please see our partners:

Read the Avaaz DC Climate Action Factory's blog post on the Friday stunt:

The video of their action is here:

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