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23 February 2024
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by Jan Lundberg   
03 September 2009
When the Great Correction Comes (Part Two)

In this portion of Alex Smith's interview of Jan Lundberg, first the changed oil-industry role of Lundberg Survey is discussed, followed by explanation on the jive of "greener" highway construction. The origin of Jan Lundberg's work on culture change as an approach to activism is also discussed, followed by personal paths to living the future now, sustainable food security for Portland, Oregon, and more.

Click here to listen now. ("Lo-Fi" fast downloading version, 5 MB)

Building on what the former oil and gas analyst Lundberg explained in Part One about declining energy and collapse, Part 2 looks at the approach to repairing human relations. Host Alex Smith says "I check the website most every day... we have heard from Jan Lundberg that there are unstoppable changes for the better as well."

This Part Two of the show is also going to be broadcast on Green 960 AM, San Francisco, Calif. on Sept. 6, this Sunday night at 10:30 PM. The Radio Ecoshock Show is regularly on that station, a Clear Channel station no less, every Sunday at 10:30 pm (or a few minutes after 10:30) Pacific Coast U.S. time.

The whole one hour program, with the complete interview, for the college/community radio/podcast circuit is now available by clicking here now.

In Part One, Lundberg explained peak oil's implications with oil-industry and market-supply insight showing why "petrocollapse" is more likely to be in store than a smooth transition using less and less oil. Climate change urgency is discussed as well as recent grassroots initiatives to deal with the end of the corporate economy fueled by petroleum.

Listen to Part One by clicking right here.

The two-part show's music clip is "The Great Correction" by Eliza Gilkyson (from the album "Beautiful World").

Alex Smith's other Radio Ecoshock programs can be found at

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