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14 July 2024
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by Jan Lundberg   
01 November 2011
Culture Change and Sail Transport Network are off to Washington, D.C. this week.

We'll have an exhibit table at the peak oil conference on Capitol Hill, Nov. 2 - 5. The Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas meeting is a valuable experience for any participant, and in our case we're offering a lot too. Aside from our journalism to cover the conference for you, we're bringing ideas and proposals that can do much for energy policy and peace:

• The debt-for-nature proposal between China and the U.S., to foster superpower cooperation when the U.S. is saber rattling in the Pacific region. As China has become the world's top climate polluter and is by far the biggest owner of U.S. debt, China can use a hefty carbon-reduction credit by encouraging -- or buying, in effect -- U.S. policies that seriously reduce fossil fuel consumption. This is win-win-win. (see our report China's Debt-for-Nature Opportunity for Virtually Bankrupt U.S.)
• Sail Transport Network is expanding, ready to take on a significant role in world trade and passenger service. (see Sail Transport Network is Unfurling) In China's business press our idea for a debt-for-nature swap included sail transport as a carbon-cutting approach.
• We'll sell copies of my book Songs of Petroleum. A glowing review has just appeared on Energy Bulletin (see Review: Songs of Petroleum by Jan Lundberg)
• We'll distribute the video Natural Gas: A Bridge To Nowhere? based on my recent presentation at the University of Oklahoma's petroleum engineering school (see our report Video of lecture)
• Give nuclear power/weaponry a kick where it hurts, by offering our newly printed poster featuring a devastating Shakespeare quote (see Anti-nuclear power poster). We'll also display our copy of the powerful documentary we reviewed at this link: Knocking on the Devil's Door: Our Deadly Nuclear Legacy
• Right after the peak oil conference (see ASPO-USA), which includes Congressional visits, on November 6 we'll be personally helping to ring-around-the-White House: protest the Tar Sands Pipeline (see Keystone pipeline protest heading to White House).
• Then we're off to make the scene in New York City, on our way to the Michigan conference by Local Future, Nov. 10-14: International Conference on Sustainability, Transition & Culture Change: Vision, Action, Leadership. My fellow speakers include Albert Bates, Guy McPherson, Tim Bennett, and Sally Erickson.
This is all stimulating and exciting, and we're well prepared to give it our best. We're on a very limited budget, not allowing for extra printing of our materials, side trips, etc. So there is uncertainty upon our return home for our ability to follow up, because we could lack resources we need. It so happens our modest funding at this point doesn't take care of December operations.

Please give us confidence in our busy November effort by donating now, to make us much more effective until the end of the year and beyond. Please visit our online donation page. A tax-deductible donation in the form of check or money order can be sent to the address below, payable to "Culture Change/GVI". Thank you.

Is our activism and simple lifestyle a sacrifice? In a sense, yes, when we're not health-insured, for example, due to low income. But we feel energized by every pat-on-the-back message you give us, and from each donation we receive. We're here for you. Please be there for us.

Jan Lundberg
Independent oil industry analyst

p.s. - On a personal note, I am happy to report that ... [deletion of a legal reference, January 2013]

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