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by Jan Lundberg   
10 November 2011
ImageCarl Etnier hosts the Equal Time Radio show, heavy on peak oil and post-peak economics. On Nov. 7 he interviewed Jan Lundberg about "occupying the land," culture change. petrocollapse, Lundberg Survey, debt-for-nature swap between China and the U.S., investment in sail transport, and the questionable feasibility of renewable electrical energy such as wind on a grand scale as a substitute for cheap oil. The show's website and re-posting at said "Lundberg is looking for productive opportunities and investments that would be robust in the face of 'petro-collapse.'"

To listen to the half-hour show, go to "Petro-collapse" and allow the podcast to load entirely. SKIP PAST the Jeff Rubin segment to the 2nd half of the show, just over half way to the end.

The Vermont-based and podcast Equal Time Radio show was in part an offering of viewpoints at the Truth in Energy conference of the US chapter of ASPO (Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas), in Washington, D.C., Nov. 2-5.

Visit the Equal Time Radio website and see other show offerings.

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