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24 September 2023
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In search of the new normal -- radio series The Conversation; Jan Lundberg, episode 6, May 18, 2012 PDF Print E-mail
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by Jan Lundberg   
28 May 2012
ImagePlay the show at

Reporter and commentator Aengus Anderson is motorcycling around the U.S. this summer with microphones and a recording machine. He contacted Jan Lundberg for an interview in April and said, "I will be traveling America in search of ideas that are out of the mainstream today but may inform the common sense of tomorrow."

Since Aengus' work has appeared on National Public Radio, perhaps The Conversation will imbue future NPR discussions and filter on over if not to Fox News then probably to listener-supported and pirate radio stations. Let us know what you think of this conversation, and feel free to circulate it.


On with the show! From the website of The Conversation, where Aengus and his co-producer Micah Saul have organized their thoughts and the project itself, and you can listen in:

"Jan Lundberg is a former oil industry analyst turned environmental activist. He is the founder of Culture Change and the Sail Transport Network. We spoke to him about peak oil, the tension between individualism and community, the innate value of nature, and the difficulty of compromise."

Play the show at but it might not be a great idea to always picture in your mind the above fuddy-duddy caricature of Jan from The Conversation!

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