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26 May 2024
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by Jan Lundberg   
25 September 2012
Dear culture changer,

It's our job to occasionally let you know we need your support in funding. Any size donation is helpful. The average donation is $25, and does make a difference. We think you'll want to help out when you consider our accomplishments and the mission we're fulfilling.

To continue our cutting-edge efforts to enlighten the public -- about issues probably more important for our future than Mitt Romney's and Barack Obama's political differences -- we need to cover basic costs this month.

One of our hallmarks is projects on the ground (or water) that serve as models for a sustainable culture. Now is the best time to contribute to their continuity.

The key to deep political change, we believe, is through vibrant local economics and lifestyle change. More renewable energy does have its place, but is not "the Answer" for our complex dilemma. So we keep trying each year, since 1988, more ways to get across to more people both our analysis of the global crisis and our message for fundamental change.

With modest funding, not only can we keep bringing you Culture Change and Sail Transport Network stories, but we'll continue such efforts as the multi-level initiative for a China-U.S. debt-for-nature swap. We will also support more activists' efforts with their new documentaries and other projects. We will keep weighing in on campaigns, such as bee population die-off at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (where I formerly helped to eliminate leaded gasoline nationally).

Our latest STN news: we have released the Sail Transport Network trade association/membership structure. This serves the purpose of attracting expertise and networking for the movement. And, annual fees make possible our administrative operation and strengthens our ability to help more sailors and aquatic organizations accomplish their goals. If you'd like details, please let me know.

Of our most recent reports, this one was widely distributed, such as on

Image Sail Transport Movement Enters U.S. Mainstream: Eco-Ships And Buying Truly Green Coffee Today. Despite the New York Times' coverage last month on cargo ships' new sail-designs, a clear picture of the sail transport industry's progress was left to us to bring to you and the world.
Should you make a donation, know that you are helping to launch a "peak-oil/greenhouse world lifeboat" essential for the transformation of culture we need for a livable world.

Please see this info for further details on donating. Also know that your direct involvement and your skills are also needed in a variety of volunteer roles. Please drop a line, or throw us a line, soon!


p.s. - A tax-deductible donation to Sail Transport Network in the form of check or money order can be sent to the address below, payable to "Culture Change/GVI". Thanks so much!

Jan Lundberg
independent oil industry analyst
founder, Sail Transport Network
Publisher and Editor, Culture Change
P.O. Box 3387, Santa Cruz, CA 95063 USA
tel./fax: 1-215-243-3144

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