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NAFTA Superhighway Tour Reaches Hundreds Across U.S.

Alliance for a Paving Moratorium's (APM) Mark Petersen began a ten thousand mile journey from APM's office in northern California to educate Americans about the proposed NAFTA Superhighways and their effects on the North American environment and economy.

Since 1991, Congress and the road lobby have worked diligently to promote the "NAFTA Super Corridors"; ribbons of pavement that will add thousands of new interstate highway miles to the map. Petersen, an experienced roadfighter and APM organizer, endured the long journey via Greyhound Bus. He began his tour against I-69 in Kansas City and ended it in Ann Arbor, where NPR covered his appearance and aired Jan Lundberg linking NAFTA Superhighways with greenhouse-gas emissions.

NAFTA Superhighways consist of tollroad schemes as well as new interstate proposals such as the north-south I-73 plan to serve a Detroit to Charleston, SC "trade corridor." Currently, APM is monitoring several NAFTA road proposals. Our focus has been the destructive I-69 from Detroit, Michigan to Laredo, Texas. We're broadening our interest to include I-35, I-219, and the "continental one" transportation corridor from Washington, D.C. to Los Angeles.

Starting his trip from Chula Vista, Calif., Mark spoke to residents of S.E. San Diego County opposed to the 125 South. 125 South has been touted as a "quick route" for NAFTA truckers bound for the port of Los Angeles. Petersen stressed the importance of fixing the roads we have.

Rail and maritime freight was highlighted as less energy-intensive transport. While understanding the needs of today's economy, Petersen exposed the fallacies of the bogus road myths pervasive in planning and political circles today.

Mark's tour completed an effort we started last May. We hope to do another tour as no doubt necessary. We will keep you updated as further details about these frivolous projects come in.

ALERT: For anti-I-69 organizing information, contact Sandra Tokarski at (812) 825-9553. She urges folks to contact members of Congress to resist international trade corridors funding. Next, in case of state funding for these highway schemes, contact state legislators and governors.

APM's tabloid "NAFTA Superhighways Threaten North America" is available in quantity for any road fighters in need. Send some stamps to us at PO Box 3387, Santa Cruz CA 95063.

Mark Petersen currently lives in South Western Virginia and is working on a light-rail project, and volunteers at Virginia Museum of Transportation, highlighting effects of roads and cars.

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