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Nonprofit founded in 1988


Mission statement: Culture Change

Culture Change presents a vision of a sustainable futureís requisites, and how we are on our way. Cultural change has happened on a massive, rapid scale, resulting in much global destruction of nature. Our mission is less to chart the change that has happened, or concentrate on what changes are underway, than to promote the changes in the dominant culture. Further, getting to the root, we advocate the creation and survival of a new human society that loves the Earth, respects life and honors diversity.

We see this not as a utopian dream or as a proposal, but as an inevitability if humans are to overcome and evolve socially beyond the ravages of civilizationís errors. An answer to todayís global threats is not easy when there are upwards of six billion people compounding the problem. The limits of consumption are strict; however, by using much less nonhuman energy and generating much less entropy we provide ourselves an opportunity for far more creativity, conviviality and mutual cooperation. To date the piecemeal approach to solving social and environmental problems has failed through the absence of the big-picture context (our culture) in our considerations.

We may not be able to survey the whole field of the emerging sustainable culture or have our magazine be a comprehensive forum; however, Culture Change aims to understand the depth and breadth of the needed cultural change. Our contacts and resources bring change itself to the reader, by generating public exchange, debate and implementation.

We intend to increase our global coverage and relevance, calling for sustainable living and local economics. Many Third World advocates concentrate so much in social justice that the issue of overconsumption is glossed over. What can nonindustrialized countries consume sustainably? The First-World lifestyleís exploitation and destruction of the Earth are not a "right" to be shared; instead they must now be curtailed everywhere in an equitable way.


Culture Change mailing address: P.O. Box 3387 , Santa Cruz , California 95063 USA
  Telephone 1-215-243-3144 (and fax)

Culture Change was founded by Sustainable Energy Institute (formerly Fossil Fuels Policy Action), a nonprofit organization.