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Nonprofit founded in 1988


Sustainable Culture points of change:

Environmental restoration must replace environmental destruction.

Neighborhood/community must meet everyoneís basic needs.

State/nation to be appropriate size (limited to bioregional boundaries?)

Equal participation in (local self-) governance

Equal status among sexes, races. Such divisions should not be part of the new culture.

No domination by religions.

Science and technology must be ethical first, instead of "progress" oriented.

Freedom of expression and movement for all, except when it would harm others or the Earth.

No pollution beyond ability of ecosystem to recycle.

Human population size kept, compassionately, below maximum carrying capacity of ecosystem.

De-commodify people (labor).

No international currency speculation (false capital), or highly tax it.

Collectives for business and projects, as opposed to: capitalism, which should be confined to local-family or small business.

Nature and species (including humans) are fully respected (no compromise).

No ownership of more (land or materials) than what one can personally use for comfortable survival.

People need economicóand not just transportationóalternatives to the awful commute.

Principles ó

1. Green is the color, if there is to be one, for the new culture. Raise the Earth flag.

2. No exclusion, exceptions or sacred cowsóeverything in the dominant culture can be questioned.

3. Equitable relations between people and nations are first priority along with cutting pollution; the consideration must not be what country wants what.

4. There are limits. Resources are dwindling. Regeneration is limited.

5. All decisions must consider the limits of natural resources.

6. Maximum load usage: our fair share per capita of load on planet.

7. Entropy (waste and disorder from expending energy) is too intense with our current load.

8. Balance is required between mind, heart and action.

9. Science to be subservient to ethical considerations for society and nature.

10. Stop advancing science and technology just because we can (e.g., no genetic engineering of peopleís food without their consent).

11. Environmental decisions cannot place profit above benefit to common good.

Public perception example: many people believe the West Coast U.S. energy crisis was created in order to exploit ANWR and jack up electricity rates in California. Even environmentalists believe this as the sole explanation, while ignoring the massive consumption that has escalated out of control. Supplies are limited coming out of Earthís dwindling petroleum fields, but on we burn.

Culture Change mailing address: P.O. Box 3387 , Santa Cruz , California 95063 USA
  Telephone 1-215-243-3144 (and fax)

Culture Change was founded by Sustainable Energy Institute (formerly Fossil Fuels Policy Action), a nonprofit organization.