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Daniel Quinn Weighs In

Mr. Culture Change himself, Daniel Quinn, who wrote Ishmael and other even more advanced books critiquing civilization, seemed a logical person to inform of our new endeavor. Hereís how it went in August 2001 from Arcata:

Dear Mr. Quinn,

We are launching Culture Change, an outgrowth of 13 years of activism for cleaner air and water. Culture Change is really a name change from Auto-Free Times magazine (called "witty" by the BBC which links to our website).

A greeting or an endorsement from you would be a big boost to our effort and for culture change perhaps!

We figured out that our 11-year campaign for a national paving moratorium is too limited a concept or too mind-blowing for some. But almost everyone can get behind the ideas of (1) cultural change having been significant and exacting high costs, and possibly (2) a change in culture, or rather, a change of cultures, as the best key to unlock sustainability, justice, etc.

My own background is that of an oil industry observer who helped phase out lead for the U.S. EPA. I was called "The Oracle" by Chevronís vice chairman. I have gotten far away from that, learning from an underground culture of mostly young folk who are of the "do-it-yourself" movement of artists and activists...
     Jan C. Lundberg


Dear Jan,

...See what you think of this as an endorsement:

I heartily endorse the goals of Culture Change. Unless our culture changes (and very dramatically), our kind faces a very brief future on this planet (and will take down millions of other species with us). But culture change is itself a resultóof mind change. When minds change, cultures change automatically. When minds donít change, however, weíre limited to passing ever harsher, ever more exacting new laws for people with old minds to break. Changing minds is something we can all collaborate on as we go about our daily lives, whether weíre executives or flunkies, teachers or students, judges or prison inmates, rock stars or bus drivers, world leaders or homeless wanderersóand every mind counts (because you never know what that mind will get up to!).

In the "News & Information" section of our web site we announce noteworthy events and organizations like yours
     Best regards,
      Daniel Quinn

Daniel Quinnís most recent work is The Holy. Read our review of his latest book.


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Culture Change was founded by Sustainable Energy Institute (formerly Fossil Fuels Policy Action), a nonprofit organization.