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Power crisis from unsustainable demand
Sustainable Energy Institute proposes solutions

Arcata, January 23, 2001 - The new Sustainable Energy Institute has a simple, seldom heard message: cut consumption.

Coverage on the West Coast electric power crisis emphasizes adequate supply and financial health of power companies. This does not address long-term solutions. Unfortunately, large environmental groups skirt the real issue at hand: wasteful consumption. Their pronouncements on energy in recent years focus only on renewable energy, which does not address the source of the problem.

The Sustainable Energy Institute (SEI) offers its own solutions to energy supply/demand imbalance. "At a time of global warming and rapid depletion of the Earth’s petroleum reserves, we are overdue for massive conservation," said SEI’s president Jan Lundberg. Slashing energy use is incorporated in SEI’s Pledge for Climate Stabilization which outlines ten conservation steps for individuals and families. [These suggestions are online at]

SEI is successor to Fossil Fuels Policy Action, coordinator of the Alliance for a Paving Moratorium and Auto-Free Times magazine. New projects are being initiated by SEI's growing staff to help the public take action. Existing projects include Pedal Power Produce, which hauls organic vegetables from farm to farmers market, and Sail Transport Network. SEI promotes depaving, which Lundberg and others have done to their driveways, preferring to grow food.

Energy demand has skyrocketed since 1983 in the U.S. and elsewhere due to unsustainable economic growth that undermines the Earth’s carrying capacity. "Population growth is encouraged for greater profits in the expanding global economy. Fortunately, there are sustainable alternatives that assure food production, climate protection, local economic self reliance, and closer community relations. Renewable energy will play a role, but cannot perpetuate today’s overconsumptive economy," says Lundberg.


Jan Lundberg formerly published the Lundberg Letter on oil trends.  He now directs the Sustainable Energy Institute, P.O. Box 3387, Santa Cruz, CA 95063. Tel.1-215-243-3144. On the web at