Unitel Long Distance
3.9 cents per minute, 24/7
$2.00 monthly fee waived if usage over $15.00

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Unitel Long Distance

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Unitel Flat Rate Long Distance Service, proudly offered by Northern Communications, provides US-based companies and individuals with extraordinary savings and the utmost convenience on all international and domestic long distance telephone calls.

What Unitel has to offer...

 Unitel Product Details

 Interstate Rate  3.9 cents/min *
 Monthly Fee  none**
 Billing Increments  6 seconds
 Minimum Call Length  18 seconds
 Toll Free Service  Yes
 Toll Free Service Charge  $2.50/account (not per line)
 Online Signup  Yes
 Online Account Access
 Instate Rates  click here
*3.9 rate available in Tier A areas only
**$2.00 if usage is under $15.00

How to sign up?
To switch your long distance to Unitel, simply click here to check availability and begin the order process. Your information is only used *strictly* for the sole intention of setting up your long distance account. Your information will never be sold or given to any third party.

To apply for service, use the links below to direct you to our online or printable offline application forms:


What we like about Unitel
1-Low interstate rate. (3.9 cents/min *! All day - Everyday! Tier A Only)
2-Six second billing increments!. (18 second minimum - Tier A Only)
3-Low monthly minimum charges. (another rarity)
4-Low monthly service charge for toll-free numbers
5-Online signup makes it easy for you to switch your long distance securely right over the internet!

The Fine Print

* $2.00/month if your usage is less then $15 in one billing cycle.
** 3.9¢/min State-to-State rate available only in Tier-A areas.
Click here to check eligibility.

Terms of this service are subject to Cognigen policies and its carriers' tariffs. Tier A calls billed in 6 second increments - 18 second minimum. Tier B and C are full minute increments. $2.00 fee if usage is less than $15.00. $2.50/mo fee for toll free service, per account. A 35¢ surcharge applies to all toll free calls originating from a payphone. FCC imposed PICC fee for commercial accounts: $3.75 per line. A USF (Universal Service Fund) tax of 9.5% applies to all interstate and int'l calls. Inbound (toll free) calls originating in Alaska are billed at 34¢ per minute; from Hawaii, 25¢ per minute. Calls to Alaska and Hawaii are 21¢ per minute. Rates are subject to change without prior notification. 

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Unitel is a Trademark of Global Uni-Tel Communications Inc.
© 2004 Cognigen Networks Inc.

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