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by Jane Evershed   
05 June 2009
ImageIn vibrant colors, forms and rhyme, one of Jane Evershed's paintings and poems calls out the perceptions, wisdom and mission of the Eco-warriors. In Sustain, one is presented with the choice between slavery and living off the grid by taking the first step of gardening.

©2008 Evershed Card Collection. All rights reserved.

Poem of the Eco-warriors

The Eco-warriors stand in place,
They are women, children, men of grace,

They question:
Will the civil war of yesteryear become eco-civil war drawing near,

They see:
Eco-civil war waiting on Millennium's fence,
Industry rusting at the joints, fatiguing at the bends.

They hear:
The earth-destroyers cries of greed,
Eerily echoing their forefathers,
Before the slaves during the civil war were freed.

They know:
We need access to nature for the health of our entire existence,
And there is no higher understanding than galactic reverence,
They implore:
We want at all costs to avoid eco-civil war.

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©2008 Evershed Card Collection. All rights reserved.


Let us water an urban hymn of her
She, the garden, within our cities
A model of life, of love and diversity,
Community gardens everywhere
Are threatened by "development's" greedy glare.

Till all is concrete with nothing green anywhere.

No poem should ever have a web address in it
But really we are talking about health on this planet,
So here they are, they even rhyme
No internet? Go to your library and connect.

A garden is only a tiny first step,
For until we have learned to live off the grid,
Slavery to empirical currency is what the "master" bids,
And hooked up to this synthetic "life support" system
We become, the living dead, hearts disconnected from heads.
Patriots of disparity and uniformed idiots of dread.

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