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23 May 2022
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by Jan Lundberg   
28 March 2010
Image On Mar. 27, Portland Community Media produced and televised another edition of the 19-year running public affairs show, TV Set. The one-hour program had oil analyst/environmentalist Jan Lundberg as the guest to discuss the ramifications of the world's having reached peak oil extraction. His hosts were Jim Wrathall and Jeff Gerritsen. Follow the link below to watch and listen [To be restored soon].

What will be the socioeconomic response to the end of cheap and abundant energy? The basis of the discussion came from the paper "Our Post-Peak Oil Future" from Bay Localize (San Francisco Bay). It consists of three parts on just two pages: the Hubbert curve on global peak oil, the "stair-step" collapse theory, and petrocollapse. Each section has a descriptive graph to go with it. One can read the document in five minutes, but a whole one-hour show allows for many aspects of petroleum dependence to be thoughtfully explored.

The men's discussion is informal and friendly, but no-holds-barred. What can community gardens and "clean cars" do for our petroleum-dependent economy when a major oil shortage hits? Will a desired energy descent feature oil industry adjustments to a shrinking, up-and-down economy that is hoped to flow from oil's response to price stimulus? See what you think after seeing this show.

The program was rerun on these dates: Sunday 4/4/10 at 17:00 Channel 23 (comcast cable in Portland) and Wednesday 4/7/10 at 20:00 Channel 22 (comcast cable in Portland).

TVSet show, Portland Community Media, first aired March 27, 2010, 5 PM in Oregon

This is what the document discussed on the show looks like:


Download the PDF of Our Post-Peak Oil Future

The document is part of Bay Localize's Community Resilience Toolkit. To obtain the toolkit, visit

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