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29 November 2023
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by Jan Lundberg   
10 December 2011
May the solstice season and this update bring you good cheer. We present four exciting highlights.

But first: Jan Lundberg is still suing ... [deleted passage, January 2013, for legal reasons] ... But if you support Culture Change now, such as by buying his autobiographical book Songs of Petroleum, he may better juggle his duties all the way around.

To recap our recent efforts and accomplishments should not be done unless we can give you a feel for our situation:

You're right if you assume that you don't support any gasoline purchase here, when you donate to Culture Change. But we do need to repair the official Culture Change bicycle for 70 dollars.

If you appreciate what we do, let us know, and if you're not "under water," please send a donation. Basic costs for rent, telecommunications, photocopies, postage, etc. -- and our main bike -- need to be covered. Thanks for donating online.

(1) BBC: here's a brief segment Jan Lundberg did on a World News talk show where he brought up global peak energy. If you go to the 34th minute on the YouTube video (link below), he's there. After Jan a Kenyan responds to Jan by supporting what Jan said about biking and energy use.


Jan later explained, "I didn't know the format of the show until it happened, and had gotten 3 hours sleep." But a nephew of Jan wrote in, "terrific work on getting the message across so that humanity has a chance to adjust to a brighter future."

(2) An urgent new initiative: Debt-for-Nature Coalition for US and China

How China and America can work together to solve climate crisis - activist alert We have been pushing in DC, China and elsewhere a debt-for-nature swap between China and the U.S. We have interested a major nonprofit organization's involvement as part of a long-term strategy. Incentivizing U.S. residents' behavioral change to cut carbon emissions, to qualify for the Chinese writing off a large amount of our debt, is a major feature of this diplomacy package. Examples include individuals' switching from driving to bicycling. Another change is to institute sail transport -- our favorite form of large scale renewable energy -- to cut dirty oil burning on cargo ships. If successfully instituted, China would benefit from taking carbon-emissions reduction credits from U.S. conservation efforts. Also, the deal would probably avoid a proxy oil war between the two increasingly belligerent nations, if we all accomplish a bilateral climate treaty. Regardless of the bleakness of the Durban talks, citizens of all countries should rally around this solution to hopeless climate-negotiations.

(3) Sail Transport Network: We continue to promote passenger and freight projects using sail power around the world. Issues such as selecting cargos that make the most sense, which routes, boat designs, and what energy sources would serve for auxiliary power (when the wind doesn't blow) are areas we continue to learn about. Where can a boost come from? Renewable energy is a huge, growing sector of the world economy, but oddly the industry and government policies have omitted sail power. So we began to remedy this in Washington, D.C. in November, such as at the well-attended press conference for the unveiling of the REN 21 Global Renewable Status Report.

(4) Our contribution to the Occupy movement isn't exactly clear, but our latest article concentrating on Santa Cruz, homelessness and the future was republished by on Dec. 10, 2011: The Hope of Occupy in the Face of Backlash. Previously, New.Clear.Vision republished it.

These are our main activities. We can succeed with them all, and more, with your help. If you can't afford a donation, perhaps you can look into booking a speaking engagement for Culture Change's Jan Lundberg at your local college? Thank you for being a culture changer, and do keep in touch.

- the Culture Change team

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To support Culture Change please visit our online and secure donation page now, at A tax-deductible donation in the form of check or money order can be sent to the address at the bottom of this webpage, payable to "Culture Change/GVI". Thank you.

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Great ideas being brought to the table in Durban. There are always to bring up wages and help out the environment.
Chris W.
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