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14 July 2024
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by Fernando Agudelo   
04 October 2013
Image The size is 39 inches x 39 inches, oil on strectched canvas ready to frame. The selling price is to be $900-US.

The fossil fuels corporations are on the hot seat right now. Fossil fuels are the modern slavery, and have murdered millions of white, black, hispanics and asians, a mass Holocaust Worldwide. In my study, the number of deaths that the fossil fuel industry have caused surpass the number of the total deaths from the First and Second World Wars combined.

new painting by Fernando Agudelo

Perhaps you remember the Death Horse from Revelation (Apocalypse). Well, here it is, live and still killing. It's not a prophecy anymore. It Is Real.

Now it is time to stop those cold blooded killer CEOs. We will defeat the Fossil Fuels and those who work behind their lines.

The painting will be on auction at, beginning on October 17, 2013 at 6:00 PM Pacific Standard Time. The item is number 2712885966133.

To see more of my art, visit the website I can be contacted at modernart1a "@"


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Fernando Agudelo

Fernando Agudelo's previous posting on Culture Change (and SailTransportNetwork) was on Aug. 2, 2013: Global Warming: a definitive pain(t)ing. See the painting at that link. It was sold to a buyer in Switzerland and delivered in September.

Global Warming, by Fernando Agudelo

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