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28 October 2016
Social Justice Activists Must Take Into Account Ecological, Cultural, and Economic Transformation
by Jan Lundberg   
Popular protest against rulers in many parts of Africa and Asia has spread faster than most anyone would have dared hope. Ferment in other countries may well materialize and mount, including the U.S. However, while the recent uprisings have potential and are well stoked by rampant oppression and greed, we are no longer in a 19th or 20th century set of social or ecological conditions. The attainment of peace and prosperity can no longer be fully addressed with revolutions or social movements. The decades of economic growth from cheap oil -- producing wealth for some, not bringing peace -- cannot be replicated.
Welcome to the Masque of the Red Death?
by Jan Lundberg   
ImageWe are in the presence of death when we see so many signs that our species' modern behavior is shockingly deficient in living up to our responsibility to protect life. The ongoing Fukushima disaster, visiting upon us all, is the supreme example, on top of deforestation and fossil foolery (e.g., coal burning and plastics proliferation). They all rage on as we vainly try to muddle through individualistically.

In the Masque of the Red Death, by Edgar Allan Poe, Death himself walks freely among the revelers of the masque ball held by Prince Prospero.

Diablo Canyon Nuke Power Plant: Battleground for Ending Radioactive Terror
by Jan Lundberg   
ImageThe revived anti-nuclear movement has promise, for the people coming together to volunteer and take on tasks are experienced. Those who are not veterans of the 1980s protests are dedicated and energetic. They're all ready for a fight to the finish: victory over allowing more Fukushimas, Chernobyls and Three Mile Islands.

On April 14 in San Francisco, California, the electric-rate state agency that in effect allows nuclear power's operation got an earful from the public.

Where We Stand on the Cusp of Tremendous Change: Month Two of Fukushima
by Jan Lundberg   
ImageNote: see protest flier at bottom.
As we plod along daily in this time of great change, we activists for the Earth often feel paradoxically that nothing is changing. More and more of us fear the clock is ticking faster and faster toward extinction. At the same time there are clear signs we should soon expect a better way of living in balance with the Earth to come about fairly soon.
Inoculation and Deception: The Swine Flu Hoax
by "Ben Loman"   
Editor's note: Added radioactivity in our environment from the General Electric-designed Fukushima poison-spewing death complex is on top of other man-made poisons assaulting our bodies. We are too slowly learning we cannot tolerate them. We need to wake up to the scams done not for us but to us. Healing ourselves and the planet go together, but some would rather get rich at others' expense. Just as nuclear power was falsely claimed to be "needed" and "for peace," our author reveals how the swine flu phenomenon was "the artificial recategorization of cases of regular flu that exist all over the world for the purpose of marketing and selling a vaccine." - JL
Garden as if Your Life Depended On It, Because It Will
by Ellen LaConte   
Spring has sprung--at least south of the northern tier of states where snow still has a ban on it--and the grass has ‘riz. And so has the price of most foods, which is particularly devastating just now when so many Americans are unemployed, underemployed, retired or retiring, on declining or fixed incomes and are having to choose between paying their mortgages, credit card bills, car payments, and medical and utility bills and eating enough and healthily. Many are eating more fast food, prepared foods, junk food--all of which are also becoming more expensive--or less food.
“BPA-Free” Label No Guarantee That Plastics Are Safe
by Sarah (Steve) Mosko, PhD   
ImageEditor's note: Did you think dangerous plastic is being dealt with? Nope. "Most of a sample of 455 commercially available products tested positive for EA [estrogenic activity]." How about plant-based plastics? "PLA (polylactic acid), a newer resin derived from corn and marketed as compostable under certain conditions, ranked highest with 91 percent of PLA products showing EA."
Nuclear Power Accidents & Our Ability To Predict Peak Oil Impacts
by Charles Cresson Wood   
Three Mile Island
In response to the recent tsunamis, the resulting nuclear power plant breakdowns, and the ensuing environmental releases of radioactive materials, one Japanese governmental official claimed that contingency plans “failed to anticipate the scale of the disaster.” In 2001, Australian nuclear engineer Tony Wood indicated that probabilistic risk assessments (PRAs) failed to anticipate the events that led to the world’s worst nuclear disaster at Chernobyl (in 1986 in what is now the Ukraine).
Dr. Helen Caldicott Says Japan Crisis Can Dwarf Chernobyl Disaster
by Jan Lundberg   
Alex Smith of Radio Ecoshock has just produced a definitive interview with Dr. Helen Caldicott, the world's foremost anti-nuclear activist and authority. Listen to it now at Here are some notes I took from the broadcast:
• Smoke has been reported rising from the Fukushima unit number 3. If it's from fuel-cooling pools that contain plutonium, that's a major (to put it mildly) disaster.
• one millionth of a gram of plutonium ingested causes cancer.
The Problems With Smart Grids: Dumb and Dangerous
by B. Blake Levitt and Chellis Glendinning   
Culture Change note: As if you weren’t getting enough radiation: now comes really bad news in the form of smart grids. GE -- the designer of Fukushima nukes and 23 nukes in the U.S. like Fukushima's -- is the largest manufacturer of Smart Meters in the world. The con job continues. The System is out to get us. - JL

How is it that so many intelligent, inside-the-beltway environmentalists are buying into an eco-health-safety-finance debacle with the potential to increase energy consumption, endanger the environment, harm public health, diminish privacy, make the national utility grid more insecure, cause job losses, and make energy markets more speculative?

Transition or Transformation? Jan Lundberg Speaks at Transition Towns Meeting
by Jan Lundberg   
ImageThree videos are offered from my talk at the March 5 Pasadena, Calif. gathering of North East Los Angeles Transition, after screening "Transition 1.0 - from Oil Dependence to Local Resilience."

With footage for over 20 minutes for my talk, two parts had to be created for YouTube's requirements, plus a third video of humor and music.

Progress is Heresy: Nukes and the Abandonment of Traditions
by Jan Lundberg   
ImageIn traditional cultures that cared for the land, all people enjoyed generation after generation of living reasonably, if not perfectly or with fabulous wealth. Food was grown locally, as were plant medicines and materials for clothing and shelter. Some big trees were left standing, taken only occasionally for a long-lasting community purpose such as a dugout canoe -- not for one man's private patio.

This time-honored way of living did not see freeways or nuclear power stations take over the landscape

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