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9 - 11:  info, rumors, theories 


September 11, 2001 as an historic phenomenon will not rest as just a terrorist attack by foreigners.  A push by peace activists and patriots seeks to explore the truth and share it.  This webpage links to resources that one would not learn about in the mainstream news media.

Activists' and theorists' focus on 9-11 has ironically served to do just what they have claimed was a prime purpose behind a U.S. orchestration of 9-11: to try to seize people's concentration at a time of imperialist military and energy schemes being implemented.  

In exploring what all may have been involved in 9-11, certain distractions among concerned citizens have popped up: such as, whether oil was actually made by fossils.  This concept does not make oil any cheaper, more plentiful or less strategic during our era.  Most debate, though, has been more substantive, and perhaps it will be resolved in time to do some real good.

If 9-11 had not happened, and if an open-ended war had not begun, people might be talking more about -- and taking action on -- bettering their communities and getting rid of pollution, for example.  Instead, the distraction that is Iraq (fortunately just a distraction for activists out of harm's way) includes endless discussion and disputes over what the truth really is -- not to discount the anguish one feels over slaughter for profit enabled by lies. 

Keeping the big picture in perspective is most vital: cars in the U.S. kill about 1.5 million people per decade through crashes and exhaust, and kill even more due to the sedentary lifestyle.  That toll will pale against the die-off from the sudden unavailability of petro-grown/distributed food, an event around the corner now that peak oil extraction may be hitting the world.

Despite the backbiting (e.g., Michael Ruppert's being characterized as being both dismissive of alternative energy and resigned to population reduction -- as criticized in the Watching the Watchers website), so many valid points about 9-11 that should have been in the mainstream press have been blacked out, that we offer a corner of our website to foster truth-finding and even disputation on 9-11 for our readers.  - Jan Lundberg, Culture Change publisher

What about Michael Moore's movie on the subject?  Here's Jan's review:
 What's missing from Fahrenheit 9/11 — the first movie to demolish a president
from Culture Change Letter #67 July 5, 2004.  More reviews, courtesy

Love those politicians and other servants of corporate industry?  Read of the falsehoods out of Condoleeza Rice's mouth on dealing with 9-11:  The credibility gap taints the  whole administration as fools. 


A few other 9-11 links:

Watching the Watchers 911 Truth Movement Musings

From the Wilderness (Michael Ruppert)

What Really Happened's 9-11 postings and 9-11 Truth Alliance 9-11 unanswered questions 9-11 articles

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See our Fall of Petroleum Civilization pages for peak oil info

Boycott Disney
by Harmony Groves
A Culture Change volunteer/photographer discusses the censorship of Michael Moore's new movie, Fahrenheit 911.  Click here



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