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Rejected by the New York Times

Have a letter you think should have been printed by the New York Times, that pertains to changing mainstream culture away from petroleum dependence?  Send it to us for placement on this page!  (email ccl @ -- close up the spaces)

From: Pincas Jawetz
Date: Sat, 02 Oct 2004


To The Editor,
The New York Times
October 2, 2004
Dear Sir,
My letter refers to the front page NYT article, October 1, 2004:

I am afraid  that the euphoria about statements made in Moscow was not justified.  I am saying this following my participation, the same day, October 1, 2004, at a series of presentations at the National Press Club, Washington D.C.  The main speaker was Dr. Andrei Illarionov, head of the International Economic Academy in Moscow and Senior Economic Advisor to the Russian President - his presentation can also be found on www.iea.Ru.

Dr. Illarionov said that Russia, from the sale of CO2 emission credits, could gain a maximum of of $300-350 million but after that would become a buyer of credits and would thus have to spend many billions.  He explained the Kuznets curve and showed that while developed countries have already invested in past carbon economies, they could relatively easy reduce emissions.  It is the medium developed countries that have it the most difficult, and would never be able to raise their level of development under these limitations.  He even went so far as to explain that today's hurricanes have caused little mortality in the United States compared to hurricanes of the past - this because of the technological advances during these years.  On the other hand,  to my question about the more than one thousand death in Haiti, he unhinderedly answered me that this is because they are at such a low stage of development - simply the poorest will be the higher losers in any possible future catastrophe and it would not make sense for Russia to allow for having such barriers to its development.  He spoke for about 90 minutes rejecting most KP arguments.  He made it clear that the Putin decision was political and not according to the merits of the Kyoto Protocol.

The question becomes then: will the Duma agree to the ratification or will it be bottled up?  Is it possible that having Dr  Illarionov make presentations in Washington, while having environmentalists participate at meetings in Moscow, simply allows to take two contradictory positions in parallel, as a holding operation, at least until the US elections?  Will they ever ratify the KP ?
Further, at the National Press Club event participated also speakers from the Brussels based International Council For Capital Formation, from the London based International Policy Network.  A statement was also distributed by the Washington based George C. Marshall Institute.  All organizations that have no soft heart for Kyoto.  These organizations clearly applaud the Ilarionov analysis and expect that KP will fail.
Sincerely yours,
Pincas Jawetz
New York, N.Y.  10150-6297

- - - - - - - - - 


Date: Monday, September 27, 2004 


The Editor
The New York Times
Dear Sir,
Going over an old mound of papers, I found the September 9, 2004 OP-ED article by Mr. Richard Pipes - "Give the Chechens a Land of Their Own"; I felt as if I just met the kid that said - The King is Naked!
Why not give the Kurds and the Shia, within the borders of present Iraq, lands of their own?  Actually, under the Turkish Ottoman occupation, there were originally three separate provinces as it was recognized that these two, and the Sunni Mesopotamians, were actually three separate entities that did not want to have a joint leadership.

The fact that all states in the Arab world are led by their Sunni sectors did not have to be recognized as a precedent, and the fighting may not stop until we do the right thing; as it will not stop in Chechnya before the Russians do the right thing - and please do not tell me that a coat of oil is covering this nakedness.
Sincerely yours,
Pincas Jawetz
New York, NY  10150-6297

- - - - - - - - - 

Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2004 
To: <>

Dear Editor,
Jan Lundberg of Culture Change Media published on an article based on his meeting Mrs. Heinz Kerry and her son Andre Heinz.  The article was picked up July 8 by the Financial Post, a Canadian business news paper, part of the National Post.  A follow up discussion ensued.  A major point in this discussion was how her interests will impact Canadian business.  The original article was also read by those subscribed to News on the UN site on climate change.
I am bringing above to Times readers in order to make the point that Teresa Heinz Kerry may indeed be a big asset for the Democratic Party in this election year, and that this is understood by neighbors and friends.  I am afraid that the sharp article on the NY Times op-ed page Sunday July 18, "Out of Africa", totally missed this reality.
Mrs. Heinz Kerry is a true conservative in the sense she wants to conserve nature as her first husband was fond of doing.  Her African background has taught her the importance of preserving the environment and of doing this in a multiracial context. She was present, then a progressive Republican, at the 1992 World Summit on Environment and Development (UNCED), in Rio de Janeiro ó the meeting that was the highpoint by initiating a system of sustainable development, good for rich and poor countries, while linking environment and social development to economic development.  She and her son Chris have spent a fortune from the Heinz Foundation to help these goals.  If there is an industry that is worried about her potential influence that is the petroleum industry ó part of the present Administration in the US ó but there are many more novel industries that stand to benefit from her honest views.
Teresa is the best guarantee that there will be real change if there is a change in the occupancy of the White House.  She is thus the best asset in these elections ó to those that appreciate the need for change because of their deeper understanding of conservation and conservatism ó the need to worry about the future generation.  Who knows, she may be actually the elusive true conservative Republican member of the next administration ó the "McCain" who came on board.
Sincerely yours,
Pincas Jawetz
New York, NY 10150-6297
P.S.   This letter, without any reaction from the NYT editor, was subsequently sent by the author also to the editor of the Business Section of the New York Times.  Later it was also sent to the the person who is according to the NYT a representative of the "Public" interest at the paper and was picked up by his deputy as he is on vacation at this time.  Further, Pulitzer Prize winning columnist Maureen Dowd, who wrote the mentioned column, seemingly is also on leave at this time as her column did not appear the last few weeks.
Read Jan's column on TeresaHeinz Kerry in the Culture Change Letter.  It has also appeared in Pravda in Spanish.  (Culture Change Media Editor)

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