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Arcata city council's proclamation against war on Iraq and Kyoto Protocol proclamation.

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Arcata, California City Council proclaims to U.S. government

Read the Arcata City Council's proclamation against war on Iraq, passed Oct. 16th, 2002.  The last line, about energy, came from testimony provided by Sustainable Energy Institute founder Jan Lundberg.

In Opposition to Military Action Against Iraq

WHEREAS, the ultimate security of the United States is dependent on creating the conditions of life for all nations, working together cooperatively, that will eliminate poverty, injustice, inequality, environmental degradation, and other factors that breed war and terrorism; and

WHEREAS, any further military action would only inflict greater injury upon innocent people, mostly civilians, already suffering from unrelenting bombing and sanctions imposed over the last eleven years and would certainly destroy that country's already severely damaged infrastructure; and

WHEREAS, the Arcata City Council has the deepest respect for those who are willing to risk their lives to protect the United States, but we believe further military action against Iraq will place the lives of U.S. citizens and military personnel in jeopardy resulting in unnecessary death and injury to them; and 

WHEREAS, the eleven years of non-military sanctions against Iraq have resulted in the death of more than 500,000 children under the age of five due to inadequate water, food and medicine, according to UNICEF and other international relief organizations; and

WHEREAS, there is a spirited debate on the possibility of war on Iraq and there is a wide range of opinions in Arcata about the advisability and likely consequences of war with Iraq; and

WHEREAS, the Arcata City Council has held a town hall meeting in which citizens overwhelmingly asked the City Council to pass a proclamation opposed to war with Iraq; and

WHEREAS, the City Council cannot speak for all residents but has been asked by many residents of Arcata to speak out on this momentous issue facing our nation; and 

WHEREAS, the citizens of Arcata and its local elected officials have the constitutional right to petition the national government on this matter of grave concern to our community as part of the national and international debate now underway; and

WHEREAS, two of our federal representatives--Senator Barbara Boxer and Congresssman Mike Thompson--have courageously spoken out against war on Iraq.

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT PROCLAIMED that the City Council of the City of Arcata:

HEREBY expresses our opposition to military action against the nation of Iraq; and

HEREBY urges the Bush Administration and our federal representatives to actively support United Nations' diplomatic efforts to support and encourage democracy and respect for human rights in Iraq.

BE IT FURTHER PROCLAIMED that the City of Arcata urges all U.S. elected officials to pursue domestic policies which promote the uses of energy which will not require the need for war.

Dated:  October 16, 2002

Jim Test
Mayor, City of Arcata


For more information on the war on Iraq visit our No War for Oil / Not In Our Name


For another example of how Arcata is thinking globally, not just locally, view the Arcata city council proclamation limiting greenhouse gas emissions and adherence to the 1997 Kyoto protocol.



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