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04 October 2022
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A Brave New Reality: Changing the Bird Cages of the World
by Robert Lobitz   
13 December 2011
There are a lot of changes taking place in the world today that are making those who are comfortable with the way things work uncomfortable. The argument you sometimes hear is that when things get disrupted you don't know how things will turn out -- an excuse to keep the status quo.

Among my pursuits and businesses are the caring of birds as protected pets, including via bird cages. It has got me to thinking about humanity and the mind in a fashion that others may never arrive at.

Erasing/Seizing Wealth of "The 1%" Cannot Create Viable Middle Class or Solve Sustainability Crisis
by Jan Lundberg   
23 November 2011
ImageThere may well be a revolution, peaceful or otherwise, based on the outrageous income disparity perpetrated by greedy, non-civic minded capitalists. However, even if their vast monetary wealth were turned over to "the 99%," divided equally and put to good uses for future generations, the problem is that today's wealth is almost entirely artificial. It has become digital and is little else.

Of useful, lasting value is the land that can grow food, retain water, and withstand climate chaos on the rise.

Minds, Memes, and Muddles - Back to School!
by Peter Crabb   
14 August 2011
As a technology watcher I am fascinated by a particular story that emerges from the archeological record. For over 1 million years, up until about 100,000 years ago, early humans in Africa, Asia, and Europe produced almost identical stone hand axes that barely deviated in design, either across time or space. There was no innovation. That unwavering reproduction of tool templates over the course of so many generations is evidence that the mind of early Homo was well-designed as a high-fidelity replicator of cultural forms.

Today we are also stuck in a technological stasis created by the same blindly replicating mind.

How The U.S. Population Can Overcome Its World Class Confusion
by Jan Lundberg   
01 August 2011
When we think of the millions of U.S. Americans who have needlessly attacked or harmed millions of others in dozens of countries, and have harmed themselves -- without fully knowing why -- and when we acknowledge that many in the U.S. seem resigned to allow more of the same, one can extend this phenomenon to the nation's population in general. We can call it a common trait, and find it to be a U.S. tendency upon historical analysis or reading between the lines of corporate news. Let us name the national condition confusion. Under this we can lump poor education, being propagandized, exploitation of the
Taking Back Our Food - Dealing With Hunger And The Land
by Jan Lundberg   
11 July 2011
ImageThe housing crisis -- foreclosures, homelessness, renters cutting rents, disappearance of credit, slowdown in construction and home-buying -- has gotten much more attention than the food crisis. The growth economy and Wall Street's "financial instruments" have been more important to corporate media and politicians beholden to their more affluent constituents. And rising hunger can be silent, for a time.

But food is coming on strong as more serious: people can double up in a bed to stretch housing, but a plate of food split two ways means two still-hungry people.

Manslaughter by Car: a Bicyclist and a Small Pedestrian
by Jan Lundberg   
25 June 2011
ImageOur recent article on Bob Berry, recently departed friend of Culture Change, highlighted his car-free, bicycling lifestyle. He died of natural causes at the relatively young age of 62, which goes to show that being a bicyclist and walker do not alone ensure longevity. He was a creature of habit which did not include being a health nut. But his life was full -- not cut short by some thoughtless driver.

Young people are killed by cars often when bicycling or walking. Zachary Parke, age 25,

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